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Pookies wets his feet January 29, 2008

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Sunday night was Pookies’ first raid with Can Beat You In Halo.  We went to SSC.  Apparently, Hydross is a logical next target after having Gruul on farm for a couple of weeks.  But what’s 125 gold worth of consumables and repairs, right?  … right?  I think we got Hydross to about 60%.  That’s actually pretty impressive considering that 1)  it was CBYIH’s first time in SSC, and 2) the resist gear on the MTs and OTs was not up to par.  We might actually have a chance at this guy if the tanks gear up and the OTs can actually grab their adds … which begs the question of why we can’t take VR down …

Yesterday was Gruul.  When we finished I still had more than an hour left on my flask.  None of the epix or tokens were for my class.  Which is a crying shame, because I am the only restoration druid in the guild/raid.

Tonight is Karazhan.  My old buddies (previously mentioned as “& Co.”) joined this guild and were allowed to start their own Karazhan group that is now the most successful in the guild.  They do one night, four hours, all bosses.  I’m banking on some upgrades tonight!

It’s awesome that Pookies just got invited to the guild and he’s already being invited to raid.  I guess being the guild’s only restoration druid has its pros!  Coming in first or second on the effective healing meter probably doesn’t hurt, either …


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