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Return to Karazhan January 30, 2008

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Last night was Pookies’ first night in Karazhan in a couple of months. In all my months of running it last year, I had never had it so easy.

Our wipes were on Nightbane (1 wipe) and Prince (2 wipes), which I attribute to three of us not having run with this group before and not being familiar with some (or all) of the encounters.

Personally, I had never been in a group that could take down Nightbane. Last time I had attempted him (with a different guild), our tank would drop after the first air phase–or sooner–because of a lack of heals combined with a lack of mitigation. Last night we had both heals and mitigation. The only reason we wiped was because us healers were too slow to start with the heals after the third (yes, THIRD) air phase on our first attempt and the tank went down. On our second attempt, I was sure to start my HoTs up in the two seconds before Nightbane actually landed. With a solid tank and a Misdirect, I never had Nightbane’s attention, even for a second.

Netherspite had always been a problem fight for every guild I had been in. None of them had the required coordination for the encounter, and Netherspite would either go on an apeshit rampage (no one the in red beam) or get healed to full health in a matter of seconds (no on in the green beam). Or someone would stand in a Void Zone. Or someone would be taking the blue beam AND stand in a Void Zone. Well, last night I actually found this fight to be boring. During the first portal phase I had some range issues with our blue beam tank (because I was still on the door side of Netherspite and obviously couldn’t cross over), but luckily our paladin was able to shimmy over and toss a heal up on him. Other than that, I was passing out Lifeblooms here and there, and there were no “Oh SHIT!” moments.

Prince was a completely different fight for me because I used to tank him and not have to worry about things like avoiding infernals WHILE standing at max range to avoid Shadow Nova WHILE healing. Luckily, just HoTs were pretty much able to keep our tank up during phase one and phase three (as expected), and I didn’t really see our tank take any big hits at all during phase two.

Pookies’ loot: Emberspur Talisman from Nightbane.

Check out this screenie of the Nightbane fight. Pookies finally got to finish his two Nightbane quests!


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