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8/10 February 27, 2008

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After an improv ZA run on Monday during which we made 8 failed attempts on Jan’alai, we went in last night to one-shot Halazzi and Jan’alai and two-shot Malacrass.

Then we started our attempts on Zul’jin. Our first two attempts we actually made it into phase four or five, getting Zul’jin down to 10% on our second attempt. About three tries and hundreds of gold worth of bandages and potions later, Zul’jin dropped.

Our ZA group is now 8/10 ZA, tying CBYIH for eighth place in Alliance 10-man progression on Bonechewer.


Biting bullets

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After wrestling with the issue for the past couple of weeks, I have finally come to a decision regarding Pookies’ shoulders.

Pookies is currently wearing the Forest Wind Shoulderpads from The Curator. Nearby upgrades include the badge shoulders Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons, and of course the tier shoulders from Gruul’s Lair (which my guild has on farm).

The truth be told, Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons and the T4 shoulders are pretty much on par. Depending on how you gem them, Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons would favour slightly higher bonus healing (by about 20 bonus healing) while T4 shoulders would favour higher mp5 (by about 6 mp5 after considering spirit).

Well … I’m pretty sick of waiting on my tier shoulders from HKM. There are still two warriors ahead of me in line to get them, if they want ’em. And then this week Gruul’s Lair didn’t even happen because not enough people signed up. I don’t want to sit around waiting for a shoulder upgrade anymore. I have the badges to buy the Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons now, and I am gimping my raid by sitting around in my Forest Wind Shoulderpads waiting for an upgrade to drop from HKM or VR.

I’m going to do it.

In real life news, raiding is really starting to wear me thin. Our raid times cater to those on server time (which is PST), and I’m three hours ahead on EST. I usually crawl into bed at around 02:00 – 03:00 on a normal raid night, and I have turned into a veritable zombie at work. I don’t know how much longer I can do this …


The Lurker Below is six feet under … February 25, 2008

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Last night CBYIH went back into SSC to get revenge on The Lurker Below after we wiped to him last week when he was at less than 1% health. Although we had a slew of deaths throughout the battle, we were somehow able to have the adds picked up and one-shotted him (the adds were our demise last week).

Lurker was the first 25-man boss CBYIH has downed since Gruul in December, so it was pretty exciting. Grove-Bands of Remulos dropped, which would have defaulted to me (because I’m the only leather-wearing healer), but I passed on them since they weren’t an upgrade for me over the 60 badge bracers.

After Lurker, the officers decided that we should be able to down VR instead of attempting Hydross (considering the resist gear our tanks had so diligently been working on, *COUGH*). We cleared through all the trash and attempted VR twice before I decided to turn in. It was 02:00 and I could not keep my eyes open. After I logged, they downed him. Son of a BISH.

Oh well. As Jean Chretien would say, “Progression is progression. What kind of progression? It’s progression. Progression is progression, and when you have good progression it’s because you’ve progressed.”


Prepare to die, Hex Lord Malacrass! February 22, 2008

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After clearing to Hex Lord Malacrass, giving him one attempt, and then calling the raid because two of our raid members had to leave early on Tuesday, we had been itching for another opportunity to go in and attempt him again. Last night, we finally got a group together after a couple of obstacles were overcome (namely the same raid members who left early on Tuesday saying that they would come but backing out at the eleventh hour).

With the four avatars down, all we had to worry about was clearing Malacrass’ trash to get to him. This time a couple of us come ready with the research that we had done. We asked our DPS to bandage themselves after Spirit Bolt. We asked our rogue to use Wound Poison. When we saw our holy priest struggling with healing during Spirit Bolt, we had the sense to assign specific Spirit Bolt healing duties. The result?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hex Lord Malacrass went down on our third attempt, making CBYIH 7/10 ZA. Also, check out this screenie of my CasterWeaponSwapper printout after the Malacrass fight:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Using this data, it is possible to calculate how much mp5 a single member of the caster group gained over the duration of the fight according to the formula

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So with two healers running Spellsurge, each caster in the group gained 14 mp5 for the Malacrass fight for a total of 70 mp5 overall. With just two healers running Spellsurge, every caster in the group gained nearly the effect of an Elixir of Major Mageblood. I have got to say … I am lovin’ this!


Spellsurge is seckseh February 20, 2008

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Last night we went into ZA with our regular Tuesday night group (our Karazhan group, dubbed “Karazhan 3”). We had somewhat high expectations, having gone in the night before and gotten the first two timed chests. In order to start getting accustomed to “the order”, last night we began with Akil’zon. We grabbed the first timed chest, and then proceeded to miss the second timed chest by seconds. The prisoner was literally sacrificed when Nalorakk was at 3% health. We will definitely have the first two chests on farm from here on in.

Jan’alai was a bit rocky. We tend to get Jan’alai bombing us soon after the hatchers spawn, which sometimes results in all of the eggs respawning (due to the hatcher hatching all of the eggs).

As usual, Halazzi was a breeze. And even without a sheep, the Flamecasters in his trash were not a problem for us.

With the four animal avatars down, we made an attempt on HLM. We actually remembered the priest SR buff this time, which helped immensely. We killed all of the adds and then got HLM down to about 75% before all of our melee died at once in a Consecration. We continued to fight, but with most of our DPS (and all of our interrupts) down, we couldn’t kill HLM faster than he could heal himself. That, and his shadow bolts started to own us hard. We definitely have the strategy down for HLM … at this point it’s all about proper execution.

Lastly, last night my friend/regular pally healing partner Quaken and I tried the Spellsurge stacking tactic. He just put it on his main weapon (Shard of the Virtuous) while I put it on Nightstaff of the Everliving and kept my main healing weapon as Light’s Justice using CasterWeaponSwapper. We’ll see over the next couple of weeks whether or not it was worth it.


Putting the pain on Jan’alai February 19, 2008

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OK, so here’s a recap of the past couple of days:

On Sunday night we went into SSC to try Lurker. We got Lurker down to less than 1%. Then he submerged. And our OT died. And his add went around one-shotting all of the healers. So we wiped with Lurker at less than 1%. We could be 1/6 SSC, but some idiots were so busy screaming over Vent about how we had killed Lurker that Lurker’s little friends killed us. Awesome.

Last night we hit Gruul up, as usual. I have decided to completely give up on Pookies getting tier loot out of there. I have been trying not to buy the Badge of Justice leather healing shoulders because they are so hideous, but I think I might just have to bite the bullet unless I want to be wearing Forest Wind Shoulderpads for a while. I did pick up Eye of Gruul, which has less bonus healing than Lower City Prayerbook but more theorycrafted mp5.

We were supposed to go back into SSC after Gruul to try to down Lurker again, but about five people bowed out of the raid (including two healers). The raid dissolved.

In lieu of SSC, some of us decided to put together a ZA run. Since ZA was slated to reset this morning, no one’s runs for tonight would be messed up (as we also do have a ZA run scheduled for Tuesday nights now). Talk about a night of guild firsts:

  • Our first goal was to go hit up Nalorakk and try to get the first chest. We managed to do that.
  • We then headed over to Akil’zon with no expectations of getting the second chest … but we managed to do that, too!
  • With about seven minutes left on the timer after Akil’zon, we knew we didn’t have time for a third chest. We made our way over to one-shot Halazzi.
  • After a couple of hiccups with those horrible Amani Scouts, we got to Jan’alai and got him down on our second attempt.

This bumps CBYIH from 3/10 to 6/10 ZA. A job well done to everyone who was a part of the raid–I was truly impressed. Jan’alai was a tumultuous encounter (to put it lightly), but we perservered and got him down. I can’t help but think that if CBYIH actually had 25 players who were this solid, we’d be breezing through Magtheridon and SSC.

Tonight we go back into ZA. I’m hoping for the first and second chests again so that I have a chance at Life-step Belt and so that the healers in our raid can start collecting Staff of Dark Mending. Yesterday both chest drops as well as the drop from Jan’alai went to our warlock (the raid’s only caster DPS), so I want to see some love for the healers tonight!


13/0/48 February 15, 2008

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According to the Be Imba! Character Auditor, Pookies’ can be improved.

(Click on the picture to see the actual report in a new window.)

Sorry about the quality, but I sized the screenie down a little. Anyway, let’s talk about this.

No, I haven’t enchanted my cloak yet because I just reached exalted with Honor Hold last night and I haven’t had time to grind out 8 Primal Shadow. At least I know what should be going on there.

As for the enchant on my chest piece, as the chest is a PvP item I decided to just enchant it for PvP. I don’t know what in the hell I would do with 6 more mp5 at this point in time. If I grabbed a nice PvE chest (like from, say, ZA!) then I’d probably put Major Spirit on it.

I opted to put Fortitude on my boots because 1) everyone needs stamina (healers in particular have a tendency to gimp stamina to stack bonus healing and mp5), 2) Pookies does not need 4 more mp5, and 3) finding someone to do Vitality is a PITA. I just don’t see 4 hp5 and 4 mp5 being useful in the least. Completely disregarding item point values, it is far easier for a druid to make up that 4 mp5 on another piece of gear than it is for them to make up 12 stamina IMHO. I actually remember thinking that Vitality was such a stupid enchant that when it dropped for me in Nagrand back in the day, I sold it instead of learning it.

Lastly, there is the talent discussion. IMO 13/0/48 is a perfectly acceptable PvE/raiding build.

On the resto side: Truth be told, if you’re putting more than 48 points into the resto tree, you’re being selfish. Talents such as Furor and Omen of Clarity are completely useless in raids. Talents that modify Healing Touch and Tranquility … are you fucking kidding me?

A note on feral talents: If you put a single point into this tree, you’re being completely selfish.

Rationalizing balance: With the introduction of ZA, Nature’s Grasp and Imp. Nature’s Grasp are now talents that contribute to resto druid raid survivability. Control of Nature is a godsend in 5-man instances when you catch aggro from a mob that can’t be picked up immediately and the cast time you’d incur from being hit is the difference between life and death. In certain HKMesque raid encounters where a dog may get loose and go apeshit on your healers, throwing up a quick Cyclone could prevent a death and a possibly wipe. Lastly, when critiquing Brambles (increased damage from Thorns), just remember that every little bit of threat can help.

Heaven forbid that resto druids should be able to spec for PvE and actually have some PvP viability.