Pookies Is Not A Bear

What can he Lifebloom for you?

Halazzi, schmalazzi … February 11, 2008

Filed under: Raiding — Pookies @ 11:03

After what was supposed to be a VR run last night (that no one signed up for), ten guildies decided to go and give ZA a shot.  My Kara group had entered ZA a couple of times before I had joined and downed Nal, the bear boss, but that was the furthest they had ever gotten.  As it was about 00:30 when this all went down, I was contemplating sleep … but I couldn’t pass up the chance to go into ZA!

Upon entering the instance we headed for Nal and downed him in just over 15 minutes.  Our rationale was that we knew we could down Nal, so why not try to beat the timer and get one chest instead of wiping a bajillion times to newer content and not having a chance at a chest at all?  According to all reports, Nal went much more smoothly than ever before.  Our warrior MT (who tanks bear phase) had died both times they had taken Nal down before, meaning that the feral druid OT (who normally only tanks troll phase) had to tank both phases, usually dying when Nal is at about 5%.  This time, everyone ended the fight alive.  Next time we can definitely get a chest if we have less down time between trash pulls.

Next, we headed to Halazzi.  We wiped about five times before finally nailing him (a guild first!).  After our DPS got the hang of picking the totems up really, really quickly and we worked out a phase two system wherein our second feral druid would pick the lynx up and drag it back to our OT, the fight was a cinch.  I chugged pots so I could give away my Innervate and ended the fight with a little more than 50% mana.  Easy.

We went on to wipe about five times to the eagle ramp before calling the raid. We made some great progress for one night, so I don’t think anyone was disappointed.

For the record, our raid make up was:
Tanks: prot warrior MT, feral druid OT
Healers: holy pally, holy/disc priest, resto druid
DPS: afflic lock, frost mage, ret pally, rogue, feral druid

Pookies’ buffed stats were 1600 healing, 220 mp5, 10k hit points, and (I think) about 10k mana. This is without a flask. I figured that 25 mp5 would not make a difference when sitting at 220 mp5 and I saved myself the money.


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