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What can he Lifebloom for you?

Return to Karazhan II February 11, 2008

Filed under: Raiding — Pookies @ 9:53

Pookies went back to Karazhan again last week.  After another full clear, no Defender T4 tokens dropped.  What a bummer.

An even bigger bummer, however, is that we dragged a prot-gone-holy paladin along with us, and he got both of his T4 tokens along with a plethora of other upgrades.  And he was wearing greens.  And he did 10% of the effective raid healing (while the other holy paladin and I did about 40% each).

I was almost too mad to type last night.  But I wasn’t.  I was typing, and I was a complete asshole.

If prot-gone-holy’s healing doesn’t improve next week, I am calling him out.


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