Pookies Is Not A Bear

What can he Lifebloom for you?

Weeks in Karazhan: 3. Defender T4 tokens dropped: 0. February 13, 2008

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I kid you not.  I am gettin’ antsy.

In other news, I was given Cowl of Nature’s Breath from Gruul on Monday to replace Hood of Primal Life. It made me cringe to DE the Hood of Primal Life after the 20 Primal Lifes and the hundreds of other gold I had to sink into having it crafted, but I guess the Hood of Primal Life had a solid run.

After Gruul’s Lair was clear (which only takes us half an hour now), we headed over to Mag to give him a couple of tries. Even though we wiped every time right after Mag’s banish phase was up, I think it was a great experience to get in there and try the trash, get some experience with the channelers, and get some cube practice (for the clickers who were still alive!!).

Last night, we went into Karazhan again for one of our fastest and sloppiest clears:

  • Maiden was down in less than one and a half minutes.
  • Our MT accidentally pulled Curator into the room before The Menagerie while trying to get the last Arcane Anomaly pack. After about fifteen seconds of fighting in the hallway to The Menagerie, we finally had the sense to move into The Menagerie and arrange ourselves as normal (luckily, the last Arcane Anomaly pack is in the back of The Menagerie so we didn’t aggro it). We recovered beautifully and downed Curator in four minutes and thirty seconds (adding more than a minute to last week’s time).
  • We interrupted less than a quarter of the Magical Horror/Mana Warp explosions.
  • At least two Sorcerous/Spell Shade packs were aggroed early by someone not being careful on the ramps, one resulting in a wipe (our tank was AFK).
  • Someone aggroed Shade early. Everyone was pretty quick to pick it up after that and we still managed to take Shade down before he could drink.
  • The instance was cleared in less than four hours, which is a pretty quick run for us.

Practically all of our loot rotted, including our T4 glove token. Being the enchanter for our Karazhan group, I was given all of the 3pix to DE. I deposited 13 Void Crystals into the guild bank.

Prince did drop some phat healing lootz, and it was given to Pookies over Mr. Prot-gone-holy (whose performance did not improve this week, BTW):

Pookies was also able to buy the Heroic Badge bracers after this run, replacing Vindicator’s Kodohide Bracers with Gargon’s Bracers of Peaceful Slumber for about 70 more bonus healing at the cost of stamina (which Pookies also has too much of).

Although T4 didn’t drop for Pookies (AGAIN), he grabbed some awesome upgrades so I can’t complain!


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