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What can he Lifebloom for you?

13/0/48 February 15, 2008

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According to the Be Imba! Character Auditor, Pookies’ can be improved.

(Click on the picture to see the actual report in a new window.)

Sorry about the quality, but I sized the screenie down a little. Anyway, let’s talk about this.

No, I haven’t enchanted my cloak yet because I just reached exalted with Honor Hold last night and I haven’t had time to grind out 8 Primal Shadow. At least I know what should be going on there.

As for the enchant on my chest piece, as the chest is a PvP item I decided to just enchant it for PvP. I don’t know what in the hell I would do with 6 more mp5 at this point in time. If I grabbed a nice PvE chest (like from, say, ZA!) then I’d probably put Major Spirit on it.

I opted to put Fortitude on my boots because 1) everyone needs stamina (healers in particular have a tendency to gimp stamina to stack bonus healing and mp5), 2) Pookies does not need 4 more mp5, and 3) finding someone to do Vitality is a PITA. I just don’t see 4 hp5 and 4 mp5 being useful in the least. Completely disregarding item point values, it is far easier for a druid to make up that 4 mp5 on another piece of gear than it is for them to make up 12 stamina IMHO. I actually remember thinking that Vitality was such a stupid enchant that when it dropped for me in Nagrand back in the day, I sold it instead of learning it.

Lastly, there is the talent discussion. IMO 13/0/48 is a perfectly acceptable PvE/raiding build.

On the resto side: Truth be told, if you’re putting more than 48 points into the resto tree, you’re being selfish. Talents such as Furor and Omen of Clarity are completely useless in raids. Talents that modify Healing Touch and Tranquility … are you fucking kidding me?

A note on feral talents: If you put a single point into this tree, you’re being completely selfish.

Rationalizing balance: With the introduction of ZA, Nature’s Grasp and Imp. Nature’s Grasp are now talents that contribute to resto druid raid survivability. Control of Nature is a godsend in 5-man instances when you catch aggro from a mob that can’t be picked up immediately and the cast time you’d incur from being hit is the difference between life and death. In certain HKMesque raid encounters where a dog may get loose and go apeshit on your healers, throwing up a quick Cyclone could prevent a death and a possibly wipe. Lastly, when critiquing Brambles (increased damage from Thorns), just remember that every little bit of threat can help.

Heaven forbid that resto druids should be able to spec for PvE and actually have some PvP viability.


One Response to “13/0/48”

  1. Shynda Says:

    Same rationalisation goes for the threatless tranquility, I think. I think it’s easily overlooked. In five/tenmans, it can save the day at a mispull, or other mishaps.

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