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Putting the pain on Jan’alai February 19, 2008

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OK, so here’s a recap of the past couple of days:

On Sunday night we went into SSC to try Lurker. We got Lurker down to less than 1%. Then he submerged. And our OT died. And his add went around one-shotting all of the healers. So we wiped with Lurker at less than 1%. We could be 1/6 SSC, but some idiots were so busy screaming over Vent about how we had killed Lurker that Lurker’s little friends killed us. Awesome.

Last night we hit Gruul up, as usual. I have decided to completely give up on Pookies getting tier loot out of there. I have been trying not to buy the Badge of Justice leather healing shoulders because they are so hideous, but I think I might just have to bite the bullet unless I want to be wearing Forest Wind Shoulderpads for a while. I did pick up Eye of Gruul, which has less bonus healing than Lower City Prayerbook but more theorycrafted mp5.

We were supposed to go back into SSC after Gruul to try to down Lurker again, but about five people bowed out of the raid (including two healers). The raid dissolved.

In lieu of SSC, some of us decided to put together a ZA run. Since ZA was slated to reset this morning, no one’s runs for tonight would be messed up (as we also do have a ZA run scheduled for Tuesday nights now). Talk about a night of guild firsts:

  • Our first goal was to go hit up Nalorakk and try to get the first chest. We managed to do that.
  • We then headed over to Akil’zon with no expectations of getting the second chest … but we managed to do that, too!
  • With about seven minutes left on the timer after Akil’zon, we knew we didn’t have time for a third chest. We made our way over to one-shot Halazzi.
  • After a couple of hiccups with those horrible Amani Scouts, we got to Jan’alai and got him down on our second attempt.

This bumps CBYIH from 3/10 to 6/10 ZA. A job well done to everyone who was a part of the raid–I was truly impressed. Jan’alai was a tumultuous encounter (to put it lightly), but we perservered and got him down. I can’t help but think that if CBYIH actually had 25 players who were this solid, we’d be breezing through Magtheridon and SSC.

Tonight we go back into ZA. I’m hoping for the first and second chests again so that I have a chance at Life-step Belt and so that the healers in our raid can start collecting Staff of Dark Mending. Yesterday both chest drops as well as the drop from Jan’alai went to our warlock (the raid’s only caster DPS), so I want to see some love for the healers tonight!


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