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Spellsurge is seckseh February 20, 2008

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Last night we went into ZA with our regular Tuesday night group (our Karazhan group, dubbed “Karazhan 3”). We had somewhat high expectations, having gone in the night before and gotten the first two timed chests. In order to start getting accustomed to “the order”, last night we began with Akil’zon. We grabbed the first timed chest, and then proceeded to miss the second timed chest by seconds. The prisoner was literally sacrificed when Nalorakk was at 3% health. We will definitely have the first two chests on farm from here on in.

Jan’alai was a bit rocky. We tend to get Jan’alai bombing us soon after the hatchers spawn, which sometimes results in all of the eggs respawning (due to the hatcher hatching all of the eggs).

As usual, Halazzi was a breeze. And even without a sheep, the Flamecasters in his trash were not a problem for us.

With the four animal avatars down, we made an attempt on HLM. We actually remembered the priest SR buff this time, which helped immensely. We killed all of the adds and then got HLM down to about 75% before all of our melee died at once in a Consecration. We continued to fight, but with most of our DPS (and all of our interrupts) down, we couldn’t kill HLM faster than he could heal himself. That, and his shadow bolts started to own us hard. We definitely have the strategy down for HLM … at this point it’s all about proper execution.

Lastly, last night my friend/regular pally healing partner Quaken and I tried the Spellsurge stacking tactic. He just put it on his main weapon (Shard of the Virtuous) while I put it on Nightstaff of the Everliving and kept my main healing weapon as Light’s Justice using CasterWeaponSwapper. We’ll see over the next couple of weeks whether or not it was worth it.


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