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The Lurker Below is six feet under … February 25, 2008

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Last night CBYIH went back into SSC to get revenge on The Lurker Below after we wiped to him last week when he was at less than 1% health. Although we had a slew of deaths throughout the battle, we were somehow able to have the adds picked up and one-shotted him (the adds were our demise last week).

Lurker was the first 25-man boss CBYIH has downed since Gruul in December, so it was pretty exciting. Grove-Bands of Remulos dropped, which would have defaulted to me (because I’m the only leather-wearing healer), but I passed on them since they weren’t an upgrade for me over the 60 badge bracers.

After Lurker, the officers decided that we should be able to down VR instead of attempting Hydross (considering the resist gear our tanks had so diligently been working on, *COUGH*). We cleared through all the trash and attempted VR twice before I decided to turn in. It was 02:00 and I could not keep my eyes open. After I logged, they downed him. Son of a BISH.

Oh well. As Jean Chretien would say, “Progression is progression. What kind of progression? It’s progression. Progression is progression, and when you have good progression it’s because you’ve progressed.”


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