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Biting bullets February 27, 2008

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After wrestling with the issue for the past couple of weeks, I have finally come to a decision regarding Pookies’ shoulders.

Pookies is currently wearing the Forest Wind Shoulderpads from The Curator. Nearby upgrades include the badge shoulders Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons, and of course the tier shoulders from Gruul’s Lair (which my guild has on farm).

The truth be told, Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons and the T4 shoulders are pretty much on par. Depending on how you gem them, Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons would favour slightly higher bonus healing (by about 20 bonus healing) while T4 shoulders would favour higher mp5 (by about 6 mp5 after considering spirit).

Well … I’m pretty sick of waiting on my tier shoulders from HKM. There are still two warriors ahead of me in line to get them, if they want ’em. And then this week Gruul’s Lair didn’t even happen because not enough people signed up. I don’t want to sit around waiting for a shoulder upgrade anymore. I have the badges to buy the Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons now, and I am gimping my raid by sitting around in my Forest Wind Shoulderpads waiting for an upgrade to drop from HKM or VR.

I’m going to do it.

In real life news, raiding is really starting to wear me thin. Our raid times cater to those on server time (which is PST), and I’m three hours ahead on EST. I usually crawl into bed at around 02:00 – 03:00 on a normal raid night, and I have turned into a veritable zombie at work. I don’t know how much longer I can do this …


2 Responses to “Biting bullets”

  1. Matticus Says:

    Perhaps it’s time to look for an EST Guild? r at least EST friendly? =)

  2. korobatsu Says:

    Thanks for the comment Matticus. 🙂 The reason that I’m sticking with this guild is because I have friends in this guild that I had leveled up with since we were running The Stockade! They are not only good friends but a very solid group of raiders (who comprise my ZA raid).

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