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And now … 2/6! March 3, 2008

Filed under: Raiding — Pookies @ 9:48

It looks like Lurker is now on farm mode. We stampeded into SSC last night and got Lurker down within an hour (for the second week in a row).

We then decided to make an attempt on Hydross and got him down on our second try (and within our second hour in the instance!). This was a guild first, and, I have to admit, not really expected. The vast improvement between our first try and our second try with respect to add management was startling. On the first attempt, it would take no less than thirty seconds to take the adds down, leaving little or no time for DPS on Hydross before switching forms again. We wiped right before the enrage timer (thanks to a stray DoT) with more than 30% to go. On the second attempt, adds were down within ten seconds in most cases, and we made the enrage timer by less than a minute. A job well done, that’s for sure:

Our healers were set up as follows:

Holy priest and resto druid (me) on MTs.
Holy paladin and holy paladin on OTs set 1.
Holy priest and resto druid (another one) on OTs set 2.
I think we all kinda whack-a-moled raid healing, which didn’t turn out too badly.

Did we do this with six healers? I’ll have to check my Wow Web Stats report when I get home to double check, but I’m pretty sure that we did it with just six healers. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

After that, we dove into completely new waters as we started on Leo’s trash. Leo’s trash was not fun, but we made it through to the boss. Completely unprepared, we were able to get Leo down to 87% before wiping it up completely. Next week I’m sure we’ll be ready with our strat research and lock in fire resist gear. Here’s to 3/6!


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