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A digest March 10, 2008

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With more going on IRL lately, I’ve only really had time to do some of my dailies, make my mage alt’s cloth, and raid. Here is a recap of the weekend:

Due to poor performance on our Friday ZA runs (because they don’t start until 00:00 EST FFS), our group’s leader decided to turn Fridays into a Karazhan badge run instead. Last week was our first week going in with two healers in an attempt to make the run go faster. We finished in a record two hours and forty-five minutes, which is more of a normal clear time compared to our four hour clears before.

Last night we went back into SSC, as is the usual Sunday thang, and blazed through Hydross and Lurker within the first hour and a half with–get this–24 raiders. One of our raiders was having lag issues and we didn’t feel like waiting, so we didn’t. We finally replaced that raid member after Lurker and went on to give some solid attempts on Leotheras, getting him down to 3% on the last one. We reached the enrage timer twice, which was impressive. We just had two main problems learning this fight:

1) Leotheras would go apeshit after Whirlwind because of the aggro wipe during Whirlwind. From what I’ve read, Whirlwind is a double-edged sword. Since his targeting during Whirlwind is not based on his aggro table, so you can DPS as hard as you want without consequence … until he wipes aggro at the end of Whirlwind, so it’s important to know when to stop DPS so a tank can actually establish aggro on Leotheras.

2) Some people could not kill their inner demons. Our prot warriors had the biggest problem with theirs, although I think a couple of them were getting the hang of it by our last attempt. Some of our priests were having trouble with theirs, no matter how many times it was mentioned that the Inner Demons take extra damage from holy spells. What I simply can not understand is that some of our DPS got owned by their demons! In particular, I think a hunter got mind-controlled twice.

Leotheras would go down next week if we could just get people to actually read strats. I followed a strategy for a resto druid to take down its Inner Demon (Moonfire -> Barkskin -> Wrath spam for Barkskin duration -> Moonfire spam until dead) and it worked like a charm! I’ve got my fingers crossed for T5 gloves to drop next week …


2 Responses to “A digest”

  1. Sydera Says:

    Just a suggestion for your guild–Why not do Morogrim and Karathress before Leotheras? We’re 5/6 and we did the bosses in this order: Lurker, Hydross, Morogrim, Karathress, Lurker. It really worked for us 🙂

  2. korobatsu Says:

    Hi Sydera, unfortunately I’m not really up there in the guild chain of command, so I’m not exposed to the decision making process when it comes to what bosses to hit next. I’ll definitely mention this to my RL though. Thanks for your comment!

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