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Badge loot is gawdly March 13, 2008

Filed under: 2.4 — Pookies @ 15:25

A piece has been posted over at Apathy Inc. which discusses the predictable outcry against T6-equivalent badge gear. The author makes some good points about who is going to actually have access to this gear when 2.4 goes live, thereby explaining why this break for some WoW players may not be as preposterous as some guilds on the forefront of progression would like to think.

As is mentioned in the linked article, Blizzard is not necessarily trying to give a leg up to casual player Joe. To buy all of the new badge loot, a player would need hundreds upon hundreds of Badges of Justice. Clearing ZA and Karazhan every week, as well as running a heroic here and there, it is still going to take me forever and a day to save up for just the pieces that I want. Heck, there is still 2.3 badge loot that I am eying (albeit not for PvE).

I think it’s great that Blizzard is trying to give a break to guilds that are slow on progression so that they can see more of TBC before WotLK is released. The guilds this is going to make a difference for are guilds like my guild, Can Beat You In Halo (2/6 and 1/4). We are a casual guild that only raids 25-man content two nights a week. Our progression night is spent in SSC, and our farm night is spent in Gruul’s Lair. The other two raiding nights that most of us keep are spent progressing in ZA and farming in Karazhan. As things stand, I see us being limited by time spent progressing rather than collective player skill (where we seem to be doing fine, for the most part). With 2.4 badge loot, I can see us making better time on our progression night and shooting forward a couple of bosses. Is this progression we don’t deserve just because we don’t raid as much as hardcore raiding guilds? Well, I guess some might say so. I think that we would eventually tackle these encounters anyway, given more time … time that we don’t necessarily have before WotLK is released.

Will we ever see the inside of MH/BT? Will we ever have T6 set bonuses? Honestly, all signs point to no. I think we’d be happy to be 5/6 and 3/4 by the time WotLK comes out. But that’d be good enough for me. Don’t worry T6 guilds, your status is safe! And 2.4 badge gear? DO WANT.


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