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Karazhan 3 in crisis March 18, 2008

Filed under: Guild Issues — Pookies @ 10:05

Over the weekend, the leader of Karazhan 3 and her fiancé announced that they would be quitting the game. This is a huge blow to Karazhan 3, which had quickly become the most successful 10-man group in the guild, being the first group to accomplish a one-night Karazhan clear and being the only group to clear Zul’Aman. Our raid leader was our feral druid OT, who had an awesome DPS set for one-tank encounters. Her fiancé was our holy paladin, and it will be very difficult to find a replacement who I can trust to heal with me like I could trust him. I don’t know exactly what is going to happen from here on out …


One Response to “Karazhan 3 in crisis”

  1. […] Anyway … we’ll see how things go from here on out. There will be some major changes as new guild rules take effect this week and we scramble to replace our OT and pally healer who I have mentioned will be leaving us soon. […]

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