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A long time coming … March 20, 2008

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Last night we got our first new kill in ages.  Well … it wasn’t really a kill.  We finally took down Jan’alai within the sacrifice timer, netting us our third ZA timed chest and making us 9/10 ZA.  And have I mentioned lately that we’re (largely) a T4 guild?  *Beams with pride* The PVP ring dropped (Signet of Eternal Life), which went to our feral druid.

More importantly, Jan’alai dropped Helm of Natural Regeneration for me, which is the first piece of loot I have actually gotten out of this instance that will actually be used for my healing set … after running it for more than a month! I’m still waiting for the first chest to drop my belt (we got Elunite Imbued Leggings for the sixth time), and for Halazzi to drop my chest piece.

We razed the instance all the way to Zul’jin and got him down on our second attempt. Then we decided to make a quick and dirty Prince run (Moroes, Opera, Curator, Shade, Chess, Prince) to try to get Prince’s dagger for our shadow priest. Pookies finally got his T4 glove token for resto (which would be a “meh”-grade without some set bonus action) … but, unfortunately, no dagger.

And that’s it … with the cancelling of our Friday night Karazhan run, I am on raid vacation until Sunday!


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