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Oy vey! March 24, 2008

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All of my friends know that I have never been that big on PvP. In fact, I pretty much downright hate it. My toons are rolled on a PvP server because and only because I originally rolled here to play with a friend (who has since gone back to our old server).

Anyway, in spite of my loathing of PvP, I have done a little bit of battleground and arena grinding to pick up a couple of pieces of PvP gear. All of my arena teams have been very hit and miss, with none of them showing any real promise.

Until now.

Over the weekend my friend Colossal and I decided to mess around on a friend’s old (and unused) arena team, Oy Vey. A resto druid and an arms warrior, we marched bravely (well … he marched bravely) to the arena battlemaster and we queued up. By the end of ten matches, we were 7-3. That’s not bad at all. I’ve had it in my head for so long (mostly because of past arena experiences) that I suck at PvP … but I think I actually did OK. Not to mention that 2v2 is infinitely, infinitely easier than 3v3 or 5v5 (which may explain why you get less points each week for the same rating).

One thing I noticed is that, at least in the lower rating bracket in which we were playing, a lot of teams didn’t have a healer. Being relatively new to the 2v2 scene, I’m not sure if two DPS is a common 2v2 arena build, or if these are teams that are simply queueing up to lose ten games each week and get their arena points. For the most part, these teams were cake. I’m talking about the two warriors, the elemental shaman and hunter, etc.

Anyway, things I learned this week:

  • Always trust your partner to follow the predetermined strategy. When I saw Colossal attacking a warrior before a paladin, I started Cycloning the paladin. Later, I found out that Colossal was just Hamstringing the warrior for me, but his plan was to hit the paladin immediately after. We lost that round.
  • Always precast Abolish Poison against rogues… possibly even on both team members (I have to experiment with this). You should never have to trinket out of Blind, plus you know that Wound Poison is going to be a bitch.
  • Shadow priest/frost mage really, really sucks.

This week I think we’re going to focus more on trying to get our rating up a bit instead of just playing ten games and then stopping.


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