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It hurts the other team when I PVP April 18, 2008

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This week Bierd (the Shadowstep rogue) and I decided to add a third to our roster and go for 3v3s. Now, I’m generally against going in with a bigger group because every member you add to the group also adds to the coordination required to make your team successful. But I agreed to try it out to see how we’d do.

Softserv is Bierd’s ex-roomie and also a member of our guild. She’s an enhancement shaman, and over the past couple of weeks she has collected most of her Vindicator pieces and a complete S1 set to prepare for these arena games.

Well … we went in, and we owned. We only played ten games due to time constraints (i.e., it was 02:00), but we came out at 8-2.

The combination of Softserv and Bierd’s spike damage meant almost instant death for the other team’s healer.

Highlights and low points:

  • vs. resto druid, warrior, rogue – Bierd and Softserv went after the druid (who was fairly resilient). I cloned the rogue and rooted the warrior for ten seconds. Then I cloned the warrior and rooted the rogue. Yeah, they got out now and then and got some hits on me, but nothing serious. Druid CC FTW.
  • vs. BM hunter … and two others – We won against this team the first time, so the second time I was feeling a little bit cocky. Well, while Bierd and Softserv were taking their team’s healer down, I got killed. It was a bad, bad death. Bierd and Softserv managed to take down the first DPS member, but with the hunter beating on them the entire time, they were both low on health. Shortly after turning their attention to the hunter, Softserv was killed. Bierd was at about 5% health, and the hunter was close to 35%. We screamed at Bierd to Vanish and bandage behind a pillar, which he did (gotta love the Nagrand arena). The hunter stood there with his thumbs up his ass. Bierd Shadowstepped right into a Freezing Trap, but came back to finish the hunter off, getting us the match.
  • vs. holy paladin, warrior, rogue – This was the first match we played. It was a bit of a clusterfuck and everyone seemed to keep switching targets. I would go to Cyclone a DPS (because the paladin was still alive), and someone would be attacking it. We lost it. In the end, we decided that against paladin healers we would kill the DPS first due to the difficulty in taking full advantage of the rogue and enchancement shaman spike damage on a plate-wearing class. I’m not a huge fan of that strategy, I think that between the two of them they should be able to take the paladin down. But … the strategy did work out for us later on in the night.

And that’s it for PVP until next week!


How to /gquit April 17, 2008

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A couple of days ago we had a ret paladin poached by another raiding guild on our server. He stole away in the middle of the night. When questioned later, he said that our raid times just didn’t match up with his, and that he really wanted this sword out of BT.

I’m upset because we’re losing a raider, but I’m also upset because this guy was a complete loot whore and took a lot more than he ever gave. Our ZA group (begrudgingly) passed our one and only Jin’rok to him, only to have him run off with it. In my mind, he had a debt to pay in this guild, and quitting at the first sign of trouble (we’ve had some raids get cancelled lately due to poor attendance) was not the way to do it.

It also irks me that he was a huge pussy about quitting. Pulling a /gquit at four o’clock in the morning just goes to show that you know that you’re doing something wrong, and that you don’t have the balls to do it when anyone’s watching. What terrible, terrible form.

I lost the little bit of respect I had left for this player over this incident.

Last night our fury warrior, Dizzon, also /gquit to join the same guild as the ret paladin. He approached our raid leader and a couple of class leaders he was closer to with the issue, including myself, before making a post on the forums to say his thank yous and goodbyes and quitting.

Dizzon has always had excellent raid attendance, and has always brought his A game to raids. He was usually our top DPS in 10- and 25-mans. He was always up front about what was and wasn’t an upgrade for him so that loot could go to someone else or even be disenchanted over collecting dust in his bank.

Dizzon gave a lot more to this guild than he ever took. How we even managed to keep a player of this calibre in the guild for so long I will never know.

I’m upset because we’re losing a raider, but I respect Dizzon for making this decision, and I appreciate that he made it under these circumstances.

When I /gquit, I’d like to be able to say, “Hey … I’ve had a lot of fun with you guys, but you aren’t what I’m looking for in a guild right now. I’ve always pulled my weight around here. I’ve gotten what I have earned … sometimes less, which I’ve tried not to complain about too much, and never more. Thanks for the laughs, and see you around.”


Light’s Justice vs. Shadowfury April 15, 2008

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Last night we didn’t have enough people signed up or online to run SSC for Leo. There were many sad panda faces all around. But not wanting to idle, half of us decided to go run some old world content for shits and giggles. I suggested ZG because I wanted to hit friendly for the Brilliant Mana Oil recipe. So we did it. We went into ZG and cleared the instance (bar Edge of Madness). Yup, I even had the quest item to summon Gahz’ranka because an ex-guildie had wanted to come in here for her turtle Polymorph book. Anyway, it wasn’t long after we entered the instance before Hakkar went down:

On Yojamba Isle, a bunch of group members donated all of their coins and bijous to me. I was able to bijou-smash myself halfway through Friendly … while the rest of my raid ran around STV griefing lowbie horde! Hehe …

In PVP news, this week I did my arena games with Bierd, a SS rogue. We ended up at 5-5, dropping our rating by just a couple of points. One match that stands out in my mind was versus a BM hunter and a destro lock. Bierd and the hunter suffered a DKO, so it was me up against the lock (at full health) and his felhunter. I got him down to low health while maintaining my health near full, but it wasn’t long before we were both OOM. Whenever I had mana, I’d Moonfire him or Lifebloom myself. Whenever he had mana, he’d Shadowfury, Drain Life, or Drain Mana. Every time I got him low enough that I thought he’d die, he’d be able to drain himself up a couple hundred hit points. At first my strategy was to stay at max range so that I could outrange the drain spells and not eat as many ticks. After a couple of minutes, I realized that this match would go on forever until one of us switched our strategy up. So the next time I had enough mana for a Moonfire, I ran in, Moonfired the lock, and began whacking him with my mace. He went down and we took the match. Decent weapon skill FTW.


Pookies DOES love pots … April 14, 2008

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The 2.4 badge loot was finally unlocked over the weekend on Bonechewer, so Pookies was able to pick up some upgrades. I picked up the chest piece Shroud of Nature’s Harmony to replace the S1 chest piece (yes, Halazzi has been cruel to me).

After a bit of hesitation, I also picked up Oakleaf-Spun Handguards. At first I didn’t want to pick them up because my guild is killing Leotheras, and I really have yet to get any usable tier loot. (Translation: I feel entitled to some piece of loot out of these fucking 25-man raids I go to every week, and I knew I would be low priority for T5 gloves for months if I upgraded to these babies.) However, the new badge gloves were such a severe upgrade over the T5 gloves, I could not justify not getting them. It’s a shame, because I was going to use those badges to get the 60 badge PVP healing cloak …

In other news, after farming herbalism hardcore for a couple of days (hardcore enough to get 12 Fel Lotuses), Pookies dropped herbalism and took up alchemy. In a couple of short hours before my raid last night, I was able to power level his alchemy up to 325, do the potion quest (which involved running h-Bot with some friends), and then continue leveling with Super pots to 370. I made a flask for the level (even though I’m not specced for it) and did a Primal Might transmute to bump Pookies up to 372. Oh … and the cherry on top? Pookies has already discovered Flask of Mighty Restoration and Flask of Fortification. Now I just have to find something to do with the hundreds of Super Mana Pots I made to make those discoveres …


Let’s talk about raid buffs, baby April 10, 2008

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As promised:

I decided to use the handy 2.4 regen calculator for druids and priests programmed by Phaelia over at Resto4Life to compare elixirs with the changes to regen in 2.4.

Before I begin, here are the options I select when using Phaelia’s calculator:

95% inside 5SR is the value I typically see in my CWS reports. Right now the typical boss fight in SSC takes anywhere from eight to ten minutes, so I stuck a nine in there. I rarely (if ever) use my own Innervate, so I left that value at zero. Since I use predominantly instant cast spells, I selected 1.5 for cast frequency. (ToL-specced resto druids should have 1.5 here … or you’re doing it wrong.) Finally, I selected any relevant talents and trinketsssss.

Now, I made a couple of assumptions regarding raid buffs:

  • AI for 40 extra intellect
  • DS for 50 extra spirit
  • Imp. MotW for 14 * 1.35 = 19 extra intellect and spirit
  • At least two paladins so that BoK is available (because otherwise you just take BoW)

Let’s take Pookies as our subject. Unbuffed and in his current gear, he has 452 intellect and 393 spirit. After taking into account all of the buffs mentioned above, Pookies is sitting at 563 intellect and 509 spirit. (This is a pretty simple calculation. Remember to apply BoK last!) Plugging these numbers into Phaelia’s regen calculator, we see that Pookies’ intellect- and spirit-based regen is 209 mp5 raid buffed.

209 mp5 does not consider the mp5 contribution from gear, except for select trinket mechanics that Phaelia has accounted for in her calculator. This is AOK. 209 mp5 is simply an intellect- and spirit-based regen basis for us to compare our later calculated mp5 values to. Whether or not it accurately reflects Pookies’ true regen number doesn’t matter, because the change in mp5 from popping an elixir and the contribution of mp5 from Pookies’ gear are mutually exclusive. That may be a complete bastardization of the term “mutually exclusive”, but bear with me (yeah, I went there) as I haven’t used my brain this much since I graduated last spring!

But I digress. My main goal here is to compare the guardian elixirs Elixir of Draenic Wisdom and Elixir of Major Mageblood.

The Elixir of Draenic Wisdom gives 30 intellect and spirit, landing Pookies at 596 intellect and 542 spirit. This comes out to 229 mp5 when plugged into the calculator, which is 20 mp5 more than without any elixir at all.

But wait! The 30 intellect given by the elixir also increases the size of Pookies’ mana pool. This “extra” mana could be considered as mp5 if we spread it over the duration of the fight. Remember that above I mentioned that I am considering the average fight length to be nine (9) minutes. Then, we can calculate the mp5 value of the extra mana given by the Elixir of Draenic Wisdom as

(Remember that Blizzard rounds up.)

If all of those unit conversions in the formula above seem a little daunting, you can perform the same calculation by simply taking your intellect, dividing it by the length of your average fight in minutes, and then multiplying the result by 1.25.

So if we consider both intellect- and spirit-based regen in addition to the mp5 from having an increased mana pool, the Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is worth 25 mp5. Are you paying attention? 25 mp5! That’s as much mp5 as a Flask of Mighty Restoration!

Compare this to an Elixir of Major Mageblood, which only gives 16 mp5. Consider that Elixir of Major Mageblood is taught by a world drop recipe, while Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is trained (and therefore alchemists who are able to combine the latter are far more prevalent than those who can combine the former). I think I’ve found my new elixir.

Note: There does exist a breakeven point where using either elixir will result in the same amount of extra mp5. In my mind, this breakeven point would be very difficult to determine due to the lack of a static relationship between intellect and spirit as they appear on healing gear. Even if such an estimation were made, it would rely on far too many assumptions to be worth considering, IMO.

Note the second: I performed a similar analysis for flasks. Flask of Mighty Restoration came out on top by a couple of mp5 over Flask of Distilled Wisdom. Flask of Chromatic Wonder performed very poorly beside the other two from a regen perspective.


Pro Tip: Quest rules still apply in 2.4 April 9, 2008

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Yesterday I logged on and went about doing some of my dailies around Shat while I waited for some friends so we could all go to Isle of QQ together. I grabbed the The Multiphase Survey and the cooking and fishing quests (which were both the Nagrand versions on my realm yesterday), and headed out to Nagrand.

My first stop was at the Nesingwary clefthooves. Easy. I grabbed four meat real quick.

Next I hit up the rivers between Garadar and Halaa. Here, I fished for about five minutes before realizing that the World’s Biggest Mudfish can only be caught in lakes. Damnit. I headed over to Sunspring Post and began fishing there. When my first Sharpened Hook ran out and I had yet to catch the quest fish, I decided to move to the landing just west of the The Consortium outpost and fished there. Here I began getting really annoyed as occasionally I would try to pull a fish up when my bobber bobbed, but nothing would happen–no fish, no error message, no nothing no how. I fished for about 20 minutes in total before deciding, “Well, this is bullshit,” and headed south towards Oshu’gun.

At the Ancestral Grounds, I finished my cooking quest. Then I headed east and started doing taking distortion readings. I was on my fourth reading or so when I realized that I wasn’t getting credit for any of the readings. I was starting to get really pissed off. The day of the week being Tuesday, I assumed that Blizzard had managed to seriously fuck something up with some of the dailies during the realm down time.

I flew back towards Shat and turned the cooking quest in. I abandoned both the fishing quest and The Multiphase Survey and picked them both up again. I started flying back towards Nagrand, thinking that if the quests were still bugged I was going to open a GM ticket. Then I realized I was still in the raid from the night before.


In other news, I have written a post comparing guardian elixirs for Pookies with the changes to regen in 2.4. I will put the post up today or tomorrow, but the TLDR version is, “Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is now the pwnizzle.”


No Eye For The Blind Guy April 8, 2008

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About damn time!

I know the guild screenshot is puny, but I guarantee you that Pookies was there …

After we cleared the trash up to Leo, we had a slew of failed attempts. And I mean a slew. We only made it to the enrage timer once.

But by the end of the night, our lock tank was taking almost no damage during demon phase (because it seems he finally got the pet placement down). Everyone was taking down their Inner Demons. Leo split and went apeshit on us, but we got him down with seconds to go on the enrage timer (I’d like to think my Moonfire spam had something to do with it). And now CBYIH is 3/6 SSC, with plans to try either Morogrim or Karathress next week.

Of course, he dropped three Gloves of the Vanquished Champion … QQ