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Another digest April 3, 2008

Filed under: Guild Issues,Raiding — Pookies @ 11:24

Another week, another ZA ring. And still no Life-Step Belt, or any other resto druid gear for that matter. Just how much mail does Blizzard think any single raid needs? Well, we’re done. Our enhancement shaman has every single piece of loot that he wants out of ZA, and he even has every single piece of off-set mail loot. In fact, I’ve been disenchanting every mail drop for weeks. The healing leather drops can start now.

Last night’s run went relatively smoothly. Our first wipe was during our first Zul’jin attempt. Things went wonky with aggro during phase two and three of our DPS went down in quick succession. We cleaned it up and tried again, this time making it to phase five with no deaths. Then the shit really hit the fan. With a little more than 5% left on Zul’jin, all of our melee DPS got owned by a Pillar of Fire. Shortly afterwards, I believe our lock (our only caster DPS) also got owned by a Pillar of Fire. This left us with a tank and three healers. All of the healers began furiously shelling out our pathetic DPS while trying to avoid Pillars of Fire and keep the tank alive, and we did get him down (miraculously). Best Zul’jin down EVER.

After our run, the officers in my guild had a meeting regarding some of the issues we’ve been having with recruiting, raid attendance, and raid conduct. I’m hoping that things begin looking up for CBYIH, because there really are a lot of talented players in this guild who deserve to see more of this game than they are currently seeing.

Also, Pookies was promoted to the resto druid class leader. That means I’m in charge of one regular resto druid raider (myself) and looking over resto druid apps. I was asked to come up with some minimum stats for applying to our guild (since we want to recruit SSC/TK ready players only), and I came up with 1600 bonus healing and 175 mp5. I based that on what I’d expect a druid to have (gear-wise) when needing almost no loot from any T4 instance. I think it’s beyond fair … it’s actually a bit low. Pookies is at 1780 and 200, and his gear sucks (he’s still using that S1 chest piece enchanted with Major Resilience!).

Anyway … we’ll see how things go from here on out. There will be some major changes as new guild rules take effect this week and we scramble to replace our OT and pally healer who I have mentioned will be leaving us soon.


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