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What can he Lifebloom for you?

srs bsns April 7, 2008

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Guild administration has posted a guild charter on our website for review by all guild members, detailing new rules regarding recruitment and guild conduct. Guildies were asked to read the charter and then post “/sign” to indicate that they had read it. So far we’ve had eleven people sign the charter. That’s diligence, folks … that’s fucking diligence.

Perhaps due in part to the fact that no one read the new guild rules, raid sign-ups, invites, and start time were still a complete clusterfuck last night. We managed to start pulling a good 20 minutes late with only about 23 raiders present.

By the time we got to Hydross, we had a full raid. We had a slew of people who were new to SSC, and it took a couple of tries to get Hydross down. I was especially impressed by one of our newer warriors who was responsible for tanking an add during transitions and got the hang of it very quickly.

Lurker was a breeze, as usual … all of the newbies got owned by Spout, but that was to be expected, LOL.

As it was getting late after Lurker, we decided to go clear Gruul’s Lair instead of trying Leo. I think that was a great call on leadership’s part, because it gives us all of tonight to go back to SSC and take that sumbitch Leo down!

In PVP news, we were 8-2 in arena this week. Half-decent frost mages continue to be the bane of our existence. I did EOTS until my fingers bled on Friday night and finally got my Vindicator’s boots. Then my realm got to phase 3 and I turned my T4 shoulder token in for S1 shoulders. Pookies is now sitting at about 9500 HP unbuffed, which isn’t too shabby at all!

Finally, Pookies dropped 375 mining to take up herbalism. As soon as I get herbalism to 375, I’m going to drop it and pick up alchemy. The reason I’m leveling herbalism first is that I figure that all the training costs and time spent farming will be worth all the gold I’m going to save on mats later. And the reason I’m taking alchemy is because 1) mining is fucking useless, and 2) I want that new exalted stone from Shattered Sun Offensive … /drool


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