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No Eye For The Blind Guy April 8, 2008

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About damn time!

I know the guild screenshot is puny, but I guarantee you that Pookies was there …

After we cleared the trash up to Leo, we had a slew of failed attempts. And I mean a slew. We only made it to the enrage timer once.

But by the end of the night, our lock tank was taking almost no damage during demon phase (because it seems he finally got the pet placement down). Everyone was taking down their Inner Demons. Leo split and went apeshit on us, but we got him down with seconds to go on the enrage timer (I’d like to think my Moonfire spam had something to do with it). And now CBYIH is 3/6 SSC, with plans to try either Morogrim or Karathress next week.

Of course, he dropped three Gloves of the Vanquished Champion … QQ


3 Responses to “No Eye For The Blind Guy”

  1. Phaelia Says:

    We’re hopefully going to be trying this soon (spent last night wiping on Karathress). POINTERS, POINTERS, I WANT POINTERS! =)

  2. Pookies Says:

    Hi Phaelia,

    Here is what I did:

    Stack HoTs on active tank during normal phase
    Lifebloom people who got the Whirlwind DoT … I added a second stack of Lifebloom towards the end of the first stack if they were getting low and I was worried
    Stack HoTs on warlock during demon phase, and Lifebloom the pet when required
    Stack HoTs on both after split
    Kill my Inner Demon using the strategy from WoWWiki (Moonfire, Barkskin, Wrath spam until Barkskin is down, then Moonfire spam)

    You should have no problem with your Inner Demon, as I’m assuming your bonus damage (from bonus healing) is higher than mine. I took my demon down every time with seconds to spare. And then the next day I went to the trainer and realized that I didn’t have the max rank of Wrath yet!

    Anyway, hope that helps. 🙂


  3. Darkam Says:

    I found that as assigning your healers to corners in pairs [MT healer and raid healer] that you were pretty sure to not have trouble with too many healer inner demons. Regrowth, post 2.4 is simply amazing at healing whirlwind damage, get a big boost to get out of the danger zone then slow the bleed damage down. Rolling lifebloom on either tank is usually more than enough healing to keep the tank up, this fight is about raid damage. I know some fellow trees may have trouble with this but spamming Regrowth once the forms split has saved more than one Rogue at the bitter end of that fight. Good luck.
    Darkam – Mug’Thol

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