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Pro Tip: Quest rules still apply in 2.4 April 9, 2008

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Yesterday I logged on and went about doing some of my dailies around Shat while I waited for some friends so we could all go to Isle of QQ together. I grabbed the The Multiphase Survey and the cooking and fishing quests (which were both the Nagrand versions on my realm yesterday), and headed out to Nagrand.

My first stop was at the Nesingwary clefthooves. Easy. I grabbed four meat real quick.

Next I hit up the rivers between Garadar and Halaa. Here, I fished for about five minutes before realizing that the World’s Biggest Mudfish can only be caught in lakes. Damnit. I headed over to Sunspring Post and began fishing there. When my first Sharpened Hook ran out and I had yet to catch the quest fish, I decided to move to the landing just west of the The Consortium outpost and fished there. Here I began getting really annoyed as occasionally I would try to pull a fish up when my bobber bobbed, but nothing would happen–no fish, no error message, no nothing no how. I fished for about 20 minutes in total before deciding, “Well, this is bullshit,” and headed south towards Oshu’gun.

At the Ancestral Grounds, I finished my cooking quest. Then I headed east and started doing taking distortion readings. I was on my fourth reading or so when I realized that I wasn’t getting credit for any of the readings. I was starting to get really pissed off. The day of the week being Tuesday, I assumed that Blizzard had managed to seriously fuck something up with some of the dailies during the realm down time.

I flew back towards Shat and turned the cooking quest in. I abandoned both the fishing quest and The Multiphase Survey and picked them both up again. I started flying back towards Nagrand, thinking that if the quests were still bugged I was going to open a GM ticket. Then I realized I was still in the raid from the night before.


In other news, I have written a post comparing guardian elixirs for Pookies with the changes to regen in 2.4. I will put the post up today or tomorrow, but the TLDR version is, “Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is now the pwnizzle.”


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