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Let’s talk about raid buffs, baby April 10, 2008

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As promised:

I decided to use the handy 2.4 regen calculator for druids and priests programmed by Phaelia over at Resto4Life to compare elixirs with the changes to regen in 2.4.

Before I begin, here are the options I select when using Phaelia’s calculator:

95% inside 5SR is the value I typically see in my CWS reports. Right now the typical boss fight in SSC takes anywhere from eight to ten minutes, so I stuck a nine in there. I rarely (if ever) use my own Innervate, so I left that value at zero. Since I use predominantly instant cast spells, I selected 1.5 for cast frequency. (ToL-specced resto druids should have 1.5 here … or you’re doing it wrong.) Finally, I selected any relevant talents and trinketsssss.

Now, I made a couple of assumptions regarding raid buffs:

  • AI for 40 extra intellect
  • DS for 50 extra spirit
  • Imp. MotW for 14 * 1.35 = 19 extra intellect and spirit
  • At least two paladins so that BoK is available (because otherwise you just take BoW)

Let’s take Pookies as our subject. Unbuffed and in his current gear, he has 452 intellect and 393 spirit. After taking into account all of the buffs mentioned above, Pookies is sitting at 563 intellect and 509 spirit. (This is a pretty simple calculation. Remember to apply BoK last!) Plugging these numbers into Phaelia’s regen calculator, we see that Pookies’ intellect- and spirit-based regen is 209 mp5 raid buffed.

209 mp5 does not consider the mp5 contribution from gear, except for select trinket mechanics that Phaelia has accounted for in her calculator. This is AOK. 209 mp5 is simply an intellect- and spirit-based regen basis for us to compare our later calculated mp5 values to. Whether or not it accurately reflects Pookies’ true regen number doesn’t matter, because the change in mp5 from popping an elixir and the contribution of mp5 from Pookies’ gear are mutually exclusive. That may be a complete bastardization of the term “mutually exclusive”, but bear with me (yeah, I went there) as I haven’t used my brain this much since I graduated last spring!

But I digress. My main goal here is to compare the guardian elixirs Elixir of Draenic Wisdom and Elixir of Major Mageblood.

The Elixir of Draenic Wisdom gives 30 intellect and spirit, landing Pookies at 596 intellect and 542 spirit. This comes out to 229 mp5 when plugged into the calculator, which is 20 mp5 more than without any elixir at all.

But wait! The 30 intellect given by the elixir also increases the size of Pookies’ mana pool. This “extra” mana could be considered as mp5 if we spread it over the duration of the fight. Remember that above I mentioned that I am considering the average fight length to be nine (9) minutes. Then, we can calculate the mp5 value of the extra mana given by the Elixir of Draenic Wisdom as

(Remember that Blizzard rounds up.)

If all of those unit conversions in the formula above seem a little daunting, you can perform the same calculation by simply taking your intellect, dividing it by the length of your average fight in minutes, and then multiplying the result by 1.25.

So if we consider both intellect- and spirit-based regen in addition to the mp5 from having an increased mana pool, the Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is worth 25 mp5. Are you paying attention? 25 mp5! That’s as much mp5 as a Flask of Mighty Restoration!

Compare this to an Elixir of Major Mageblood, which only gives 16 mp5. Consider that Elixir of Major Mageblood is taught by a world drop recipe, while Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is trained (and therefore alchemists who are able to combine the latter are far more prevalent than those who can combine the former). I think I’ve found my new elixir.

Note: There does exist a breakeven point where using either elixir will result in the same amount of extra mp5. In my mind, this breakeven point would be very difficult to determine due to the lack of a static relationship between intellect and spirit as they appear on healing gear. Even if such an estimation were made, it would rely on far too many assumptions to be worth considering, IMO.

Note the second: I performed a similar analysis for flasks. Flask of Mighty Restoration came out on top by a couple of mp5 over Flask of Distilled Wisdom. Flask of Chromatic Wonder performed very poorly beside the other two from a regen perspective.


8 Responses to “Let’s talk about raid buffs, baby”

  1. […] Is Not a Bear published an article today entitled Let’s Talk about Raid Buffs, Baby in which he details his evaluation of several elixirs and the Flask of Restoration using the Mana […]

  2. lifebloomer Says:

    Nice work Pookie! I like having real numbers to support my opinions on the flask/elixir DW/MB debate.

  3. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Lifebloomer! You can easily drive the point home by doing the calculation using your own stats as well! 🙂

  4. Gerbil Says:

    It has been interesting to watch the impact this change has had on prices in the auctionhouse on my server (Blackrock).

    Major Mageblood elixirs are sellings at about 2/3 the price they used to (now about 3g) and Draenic Wisdom elixirs have gone up to about 2g 50s or thereabouts. Demand for the draenic wisdom elixirs still hasn’t peaked, and i suspect it won’t for a while.

    The thing i’ve been wondering about is the impact this will have on other things, like weapon oils and enchantments. I don’t think there is enough variety in the oil market for them to be affected (in terms of regen stats it’s all Mp/5 isn’t it?), but i wonder if +Intellect or +Stats enchants are going to become more valuable.

  5. Pookies Says:

    The only change to enchants I can think of off the top of my head is the 6 mp5 chest enchant now paling in comparison to 15 spirit towards end game content.

    Another comparison that people may want to make is the 9 healing and 2 mp5 gem versus the 9 healing and 4 spirit gem.

  6. Mera Says:

    I would still rather take a 40g flask, as it last the 2 hours, and through death. Perhaps for ZA or Kara where I wouldnt expect to die, I might take elixirs, but by then I probably dont need them.

  7. Khraden Says:

    Very nice Pookies. I’ll have to do the same with my pally to see what I get from it. I’ve always used Draenic Wisdom, simply because of the little bit of spell crit I get out of it… but that’s paladin stuff.

  8. Pookies Says:

    Hi Khraden! I’m sure this is less of an issue for shamans and paladins since they don’t get casting regen from spirit. 🙂

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