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Pookies DOES love pots … April 14, 2008

Filed under: 2.4,Itemization,Professions — Pookies @ 9:44

The 2.4 badge loot was finally unlocked over the weekend on Bonechewer, so Pookies was able to pick up some upgrades. I picked up the chest piece Shroud of Nature’s Harmony to replace the S1 chest piece (yes, Halazzi has been cruel to me).

After a bit of hesitation, I also picked up Oakleaf-Spun Handguards. At first I didn’t want to pick them up because my guild is killing Leotheras, and I really have yet to get any usable tier loot. (Translation: I feel entitled to some piece of loot out of these fucking 25-man raids I go to every week, and I knew I would be low priority for T5 gloves for months if I upgraded to these babies.) However, the new badge gloves were such a severe upgrade over the T5 gloves, I could not justify not getting them. It’s a shame, because I was going to use those badges to get the 60 badge PVP healing cloak …

In other news, after farming herbalism hardcore for a couple of days (hardcore enough to get 12 Fel Lotuses), Pookies dropped herbalism and took up alchemy. In a couple of short hours before my raid last night, I was able to power level his alchemy up to 325, do the potion quest (which involved running h-Bot with some friends), and then continue leveling with Super pots to 370. I made a flask for the level (even though I’m not specced for it) and did a Primal Might transmute to bump Pookies up to 372. Oh … and the cherry on top? Pookies has already discovered Flask of Mighty Restoration and Flask of Fortification. Now I just have to find something to do with the hundreds of Super Mana Pots I made to make those discoveres …


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