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Light’s Justice vs. Shadowfury April 15, 2008

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Last night we didn’t have enough people signed up or online to run SSC for Leo. There were many sad panda faces all around. But not wanting to idle, half of us decided to go run some old world content for shits and giggles. I suggested ZG because I wanted to hit friendly for the Brilliant Mana Oil recipe. So we did it. We went into ZG and cleared the instance (bar Edge of Madness). Yup, I even had the quest item to summon Gahz’ranka because an ex-guildie had wanted to come in here for her turtle Polymorph book. Anyway, it wasn’t long after we entered the instance before Hakkar went down:

On Yojamba Isle, a bunch of group members donated all of their coins and bijous to me. I was able to bijou-smash myself halfway through Friendly … while the rest of my raid ran around STV griefing lowbie horde! Hehe …

In PVP news, this week I did my arena games with Bierd, a SS rogue. We ended up at 5-5, dropping our rating by just a couple of points. One match that stands out in my mind was versus a BM hunter and a destro lock. Bierd and the hunter suffered a DKO, so it was me up against the lock (at full health) and his felhunter. I got him down to low health while maintaining my health near full, but it wasn’t long before we were both OOM. Whenever I had mana, I’d Moonfire him or Lifebloom myself. Whenever he had mana, he’d Shadowfury, Drain Life, or Drain Mana. Every time I got him low enough that I thought he’d die, he’d be able to drain himself up a couple hundred hit points. At first my strategy was to stay at max range so that I could outrange the drain spells and not eat as many ticks. After a couple of minutes, I realized that this match would go on forever until one of us switched our strategy up. So the next time I had enough mana for a Moonfire, I ran in, Moonfired the lock, and began whacking him with my mace. He went down and we took the match. Decent weapon skill FTW.


2 Responses to “Light’s Justice vs. Shadowfury”

  1. Mynd Says:

    As something of a small note: if you’re wanting BMO for the +healing bonus only, use Wizard Oil. It adds +healing as well as +dmg (though the tooltip doesn’t say so).

  2. Pookies Says:

    A good point. This may definitely be an option for me since I don’t really need the regen at all.

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