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It hurts the other team when I PVP April 18, 2008

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This week Bierd (the Shadowstep rogue) and I decided to add a third to our roster and go for 3v3s. Now, I’m generally against going in with a bigger group because every member you add to the group also adds to the coordination required to make your team successful. But I agreed to try it out to see how we’d do.

Softserv is Bierd’s ex-roomie and also a member of our guild. She’s an enhancement shaman, and over the past couple of weeks she has collected most of her Vindicator pieces and a complete S1 set to prepare for these arena games.

Well … we went in, and we owned. We only played ten games due to time constraints (i.e., it was 02:00), but we came out at 8-2.

The combination of Softserv and Bierd’s spike damage meant almost instant death for the other team’s healer.

Highlights and low points:

  • vs. resto druid, warrior, rogue – Bierd and Softserv went after the druid (who was fairly resilient). I cloned the rogue and rooted the warrior for ten seconds. Then I cloned the warrior and rooted the rogue. Yeah, they got out now and then and got some hits on me, but nothing serious. Druid CC FTW.
  • vs. BM hunter … and two others – We won against this team the first time, so the second time I was feeling a little bit cocky. Well, while Bierd and Softserv were taking their team’s healer down, I got killed. It was a bad, bad death. Bierd and Softserv managed to take down the first DPS member, but with the hunter beating on them the entire time, they were both low on health. Shortly after turning their attention to the hunter, Softserv was killed. Bierd was at about 5% health, and the hunter was close to 35%. We screamed at Bierd to Vanish and bandage behind a pillar, which he did (gotta love the Nagrand arena). The hunter stood there with his thumbs up his ass. Bierd Shadowstepped right into a Freezing Trap, but came back to finish the hunter off, getting us the match.
  • vs. holy paladin, warrior, rogue – This was the first match we played. It was a bit of a clusterfuck and everyone seemed to keep switching targets. I would go to Cyclone a DPS (because the paladin was still alive), and someone would be attacking it. We lost it. In the end, we decided that against paladin healers we would kill the DPS first due to the difficulty in taking full advantage of the rogue and enchancement shaman spike damage on a plate-wearing class. I’m not a huge fan of that strategy, I think that between the two of them they should be able to take the paladin down. But … the strategy did work out for us later on in the night.

And that’s it for PVP until next week!


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