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We are in deep, deep … T5 May 9, 2008

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I was invited to join EoTS as a recruit the day after my trial run with them, and I have been raiding with EoTS every night since.

The past two nights have been mostly devoted to Vashj and Kael. We’ve made some good progress on both bosses, having about five new people present on both nights who had never even seen them before (myself included).

The key to Vashj is, of course, finishing phase two without getting overwhelmed. We made it to phase three a handful of times, but not with enough manpower to take her down. I know that a few people must have been /headdesking because EoTS has been able to take Vashj down in the past, but, considering that we had a handful of newbies, five prot specced raid members, and only six healers, I think we did well! Vashj was called after about eight attempts and we just took down Karathress instead.

As far as Kael attempts went, we consistently made it to phase three, usually with only the axe up (five locks and one mage = a lot of AoE). On our last attempt we actually made it to phase four (albeit with two advisors and the axe still up and a lot of people dead). This we also did with six healers. The transition from phase two to three is really killing us. We are having a lot of bad luck with the different advisor effects affecting the tanks of other advisors and their healers, which I don’t understand because we really keep them spread out. But we did manage to solve some major problems last night, such as weapon positioning during phase two. Cosmic Infuser is slated to die first, so that the healers can loot it. However, what was happening was that the Cosmic Infuser was dying and none of the healers could click the corpse to loot the weapon because it was lost in a sea of tanks, melee DPS, and other weapons. What we ended up doing was having a tank who wasn’t tanking one of the other weapons taunt Cosmic Infuser at about 5% and drag it off to the side, where it was finished off. Then, all of the healers could run over and loot it without having to use a /target macro, look for the little selection circle, try to click the little selection circle, miss and pick up another weapon that had died right on top of the mace, etc.

Anyway, I’m guessing that Monday will also be devoted to Vashj or Kael (mainly because everything else is dead), so we’ll see what happens then. Until then, feast your eyes on this screenshot I took from phase two. We actually use five weapon tanks, but obviously I can only keep four Lifebloom stacks up. Most important are Borzak and Sandball. Borzak tanks two weapons (mace and shield), and Sandball tanks the axe.

(Links to beegger picture)

In other news, some hunter bought T5 pants from my guild for 5000g. Vis Maior doesn’t even charge that much for T6. Free repairs for everyone!


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