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Kael down! … May 13, 2008

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… to 97%!

Well, last night was supposed to be a major progression raid. We ended up giving Kael some (seven or eight) attempts. Our GM (priest) was sick, and one of our other priests also couldn’t make it, so we were looking at going into this with five healers. Or so I thought, until I summoned one of our moonkins to Cosmowrench and he appeared … AS A TREE!!!

The entire night we were shorthanded, however, and on most attempts we had 23 raiders. But that didn’t deter us. The officers were determined for us to make some progress, and we did.

You may remember that we were previously having a lot of trouble transitioning from phase two to phase three. By moving Thaladred closer to the midpoint between Telonicus and Capernian, the transition was going a lot smoother because our warlock tank and his healer weren’t getting Thala-punted. On one attempt, we got a minute (or so) into phase four and all weapons and advisors were dead. Our MT got gibbed by the first Pyroblasts because everyone was freaking the fuck out and almost no one was on Kael and his shield, but it was an exciting attempt because we had never gotten all of the weapons and phase three advisors down! … AND WE DID IT WITH 23 RAIDERS!

Apparently Kael is going to be a huge focus for us in the coming week. I want him to die so badly.


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