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WHEW May 26, 2008

Filed under: 2.4,IRL,Raiding — Pookies @ 11:34

I have been wiped. Just wiped. Getting up for work at 07:00 and then not finishing my raid until 01:00 from Monday to Thursday is just killin’ me. But I guess that’s the price of killing two bosses in one week.

That’s right.

After Kael’thas on Monday of last week, we went into Hyjal the next day to down Kazrogal’s trash and Kazrogal for the first time (we had never made it through his trash before … those gargoyles are a PITA). We also got Azgalor down to 18% on our first (and only) attempt on him. T6 gloves, here we come.

(As usual, links to a bigger version)

I believe that tonight is going to be our attempts at downing Kael’thas for the second time. I’m hoping we’ll have the attendance (today being Memorial Day in the USA). I’d like to think we cleared the rest of TK for something! …


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