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All’s well that ends in boss deaths May 30, 2008

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Last night saw our return to BT to butt heads with Supremus once again. After a quick briefing on why we epic failed against Supremus on Tuesday, we proceeded to one-shot that SOB.

It was impressive how few deaths we had (only two or three). I was personally lucky with volcano spawns, which helped a lot. Our new strategy involved splitting healing between the MT and OT, as on Tuesday a lot of the healers were struggling to be in range of both tanks (which, BTW, involves standing right underneath Supremus … and even then we were having range issues).

Next week I have to focus more on following the MT around during kite phase as to eliminate the possibility of being out of range when tank ‘n’ spank phase starts again. We had some close calls this week.

After giving out loot and taking a group picture, we proceeded to clear trash up to Shade of Akama. The first pulls consist of six demons: four satyrs and two felguards. We had six locks last night. We banished all of the satyrs and tanked the felguards, turning these pulls into super severe easy mode. But resto druids still have to be on their toes! I didn’t heal too much during these pulls because there is a lot of decursing and a little bit of poison abolishing to do (AoE CoA FTL). One curse in particular will stun its victim periodically (think Remote Toy) and lasts three minutes. Decurse that shit.

The majority of us were able to turn in a quest in the courtyard outside of Shade of Akama’s room and pick up the quest to kill Shade. After a couple of hiccups trying to clear the trash in Shade’s room (pulling both pats twice and actually surviving the second time by some act of God), we began our attempts on him.

Our first attempt went very well. I had the “easy” add side (east), the side that didn’t have the Defenders spawning out of it. Everything was going fine until the last Channeler was taken down. At around that time, a tank on the west side died and his adds went around killing everybody. We wiped in short order, and poor Akama got pwned.

On our second attempt, Shade was ours. People say that Shade of Akama is the Chess Event of Black Temple, and I can see why. It’s not even a tank and spank–when Shade of Akama gets out, it’s just a spank. Free epics all around!

It’s finally the weekend, and you know what that means: raid vacation until Monday!


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