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Won’t you take me to Funkytown? June 30, 2008

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This past week was Pride week, which is a huge deal in Toronto. I did not manage to make up any sleep this past weekend, as, even if I had chosen to stay in, I wouldn’t have been able to turn in early because I live in the middle of Toronto’s gay village and am therefore subject to the music blaring from the various beer gardens and stages set up around the village. Also, I was supposed to work on my résumé this weekend, but every time I tried to sit down and do that it suddenly became much more apparent to me that my entire apartment was vibrating. So I just opted to party.

And that brings us to the WoW-related portion of this post.

Last night I came home completely shit-faced, somehow managed to prepare a package of instant noodles (but not without spilling soup all over the stovetop), and logged on to find that my friend was using my horde hunter to run his druid (and a couple of tag-alongers) through Mara. I volunteered to control my hunter. I don’t remember most of the instance, much like I don’t even really remember leaving my friend’s apartment and staggering across the courtyard between our buildings to get home, but I do remember apologizing profusely for being so drunk on multiple occasions in party chat (at least, that’s what I was trying to type) and blabbering to my friend on Vent, attempting to explain to him how drunk I was (because that clearly required explaining) every time he asked me what the fuck I was doing. Shortly after downing Razorlash, and about halfway through my bowl of instant noodles, I tumbled into bed and passed out … probably much to the relief to all other parties involved with the run.

There was another time I came home from the bar, and, for reasons unknown, logged on to Pookies. As soon as I logged on, I received an invite to run heroic Underbog. At this point I was ready to go along with pretty much anything, so I accepted the invite and a summon. I only remember bits and part of the instance, but I was later told that I did a fine healing job. In fact, I was the only person who died during the entire instance run. And, apparently, I died a lot. And I was completely incoherent on Vent throughout the run. And I forgot to pick up most of the badges.

The moral of today’s post? Booze and WoW may not be a match made in heaven, but at least you get some funny stories out of it.

Pride has wound down here in Toronto, and things are returning to normal just in time for the raid week to start. Now, if only I could get this God-damned Funkytown remix out of my head.


Not a fluke redux June 26, 2008

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The last two nights have been spent doing our weekly farm clears. We brought a couple of new people into Hyjal on Tuesday, and our regular raid leader (our GM, Kristos) was not present, so we had a bit of a hiccup on Azgalor and had to fight his trash twice (which is always fun). We made about four or five attempts on Archimonde before the raid was called.

Last night we got Archie down after a couple of attempts, and then went to clear up to Shade. I was falling asleep the entire time. I have just been … sho tired.

In loot news, Boots of the Divine Light had flown under my radar up until Tuesday night when they dropped twice. While they have the same amount of bonus healing as Orca-Hide Boots, they have a shit ton more stats. Not to mention that Orca-Hide Boots have never dropped for me in the … three Leotheras kills I have been present for. After a bit of research, I discovered that these boots are really the best resto druid boots currently available (in terms of maximum bonus healing) until you get your T6 boots.

As per that post about gemmin’, I popped pure healing gems into this baby (one Teardrop Crimson Spinel from the guild and one Teardrop Living Ruby from the AH) and stuck a Vitality enchant on it. This brings Pookies up to 2200 bonus healing and 206 mp5 unbuffed. If I could itemize for even less mp5, I would. I’m still giving away my Innervate right now.

My guild’s loot system dictates that even world drop patterns be distributed to those in the raid who can use them before they are banked or random rolled to a raid member. Tuesday night I also managed to pick up Formula: Enchant Chest – Major Resilience. Just in time for everyone to have to get their S4 chest pieces enchanted … shuh-wing!


I will chain by the Innervate June 24, 2008

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In what is perhaps a delayed reaction to all those posts out there spoofing popular music with WoW-related lyrics, I am finally submitting my contribution.

The song Glamorous by Fergie was my guilty pleasure song last fall after I saw one of the drag queens at my staple bar perform to it. I don’t know why, but it has been on my mind lately. That’s actually a flat out lie. I know exactly why it has been on my mind lately, and it has to do with this really hot dancer I met at the bar while this song was playing …

But anyway, I’ll spare you the details of that. Without further ado, I present Innervate, to the tune of Glamorous.

Are you ready?

If you ain’t got no mana, take your OOM ass home
If you ain’t got no mana, take your OOM ass home

I-N-N-E-R-V-A-T-E, yeah

My healing kicks ass, I know how to fly
Poppin’ Barkskin, saving my life
In the fast lane, I will chain
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy

The Innervate, the Innervate, Innervate
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy
The Innervate, the Innervate, Innervate
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy

Dailies gold and healing rings, all them things don’t mean a thing
Flying mounts with epic speed, AHin’ expensive things
I be playing PVP, rolling with my premade team
Even when we win AB, no need to flex my epeen

I still run through Dire Maul, no tanks, hard as hell
I don’t care, I’m still real, no matter how many bosses I kill
After the raids and after the events I like to go hang out with the Ancients
Sippin’, reminiscin’ on days when I had a Nightsaber, now I

Kick ass, I know how to fly
Poppin’ Barkskin, saving my life
In the fast lane, I will chain
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy

The Innervate, the Innervate, Innervate
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy
The Innervate, the Innervate, Innervate
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy

[spoken part]
I’m talking Mana Oil wishes, Golden Fish Stick dreams
You deserve nothing but all the maxed things
Now this whole world has no clue what to do with us
I’ve got enough potions in the bank for the two of us
Course I gotta keep enough Lotus to support your flask fetish
Lifestyles so rich and famous, Haris Pilton’ll get jealous
Wanna save? Then use the stones
If they dead you heal alone
So if you ain’t got no mana, take your OOM ass home

I-N-N-E-R-V-A-T-E, yeah

My healing kicks ass, I know how to fly
Poppin’ Barkskin, saving my life
In the fast lane, I will chain
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy

The Innervate, the Innervate, Innervate
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy
The Innervate, the Innervate, Innervate
By the Innervate, ooh, I’m mossy, mossy

I’ve got mana up to here, I’ve got people in my ear
Telling me I’ve got to keep those four stacks up or else
I’ve got offsets in the bank and I’d really like to thank
My whole guild, I’d like to thank, thank you really now

‘Cause I remember yesterday when I dreamt about the days
When I’d rock in BT, that’d be really dope
Damn, it’s been a long road and Rage Winterchill is cold
I’m glad that Staghelm told me so, he let his droodle know

Yeah, Staghelm told me so
He let his droodle know

Yeah, Staghelm told me so
He let his droodle know


How I visited Azeroth’s fires June 23, 2008

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It’s Midsummer Fire Festival. I don’t know about you guys, but from the moment I first set eyes on the Brazier of Dancing Flames, I knew I had to have one. So. Last night I spent a couple of (couple of) hours zipping around Azeroth clicking on fires.

I couldn’t find any guides on how to best tackle the task of accessing all of the fires, so I came up with my own crude, hand-drawn maps. I have transcribed my route here. My way may not be the best way … but I’d like to think it’s pretty darn close!

Instructions are very succinct. Each instruction is made up of a mode of travel and a destination. Where the name of a location is bolded, there is a fire to be honoured, desecrated, or stolen at that location. For neutral locations (i.e., goblin towns), you will have to do both honour and desecrate before moving on.

This guide applies to Alliance players only!

Start Stormwind
Ride Goldshire, ride Stormwind
Fly Sentinel Hill
Fly Darkshire
Fly Booty Bay
Fly Nethergarde Keep
Ride Stonard, ride Nethergarde Keep
Fly Lakeshire
Fly Morgan’s Vigil
Ride Flame Crest, ride Morgan’s Vigil
Fly Thelsamar
Ride Kargath, ride Thelsamar
Fly Ironforge
Ride Kharanos, ride Ironforge
Fly Menethil Harbour
Fly Refuge Pointe
Ride Hammerfall, ride Refuge Pointe
Fly Southshore
Ride Tarren Mill
Ride The Sepulcher
Ride Brill
Ride Undercity
Ride Chillwind Camp
Fly Aerie Peak
Ride Raventusk Village, ride Aerie Peak
Fly Zul’Aman
Ride Traquillen
Ride The North Sanctum
Ride Silvermoon City
Portal Darnassus
Ride Dolanaar, ride Darnassus/Rut’theran Village
Fly Auberdine
Sail Exodar
Ride Azure Watch
Ride Blood Watch, ride Exodar, sail Auberdine (druids: Teleport Moonglade)
Fly Everlook
Fly Astranaar
Ride Splintertree Post
Ride Sunrock Retreat
Ride Shadowprey Village
Ride Nijel’s Point
Fly Feathermoon Stronghold
Ride Camp Mojache
Ride Freewind Post
Ride Thalanaar
Fly Cenarion Hold (yes, you will have to go through Feathermoon Stronghold)
Fly Gadgetzan
Fly Theramore
Ride Brackenwall Village, ride Theramore
Fly Ratchet
Ride Razor Hill
Ride Orgrimmar
Ride Crossroads
Ride Bloodhoof Village
Ride Thunder Bluff


And another! June 20, 2008

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We experienced some poor attendance last night, and began pulling Bloodboil’s trash with 23 raid members. With pick-ups just balancing disconnects, we actually spent the majority of the night attempting Bloodboil with 23 raid members: 3 tanks, 7 healers, and 1 off-spec healer.

The lowest we were able to get Bloodboil down to was 10%.

Then, in the last twenty minutes of the raid, we picked up another DPS as well as another off-specced healer.

Deviating from the “group shot”, this screenie was taken immediately as Bloodboil dropped and one of our rogues was still Fel Raged.

(Links to full image)

Bloodboil went down after one night of attempts. No priest-on-a-stick, unfortunately.

As far as actual blogging goes, I’m working on a couple of different posts right now. None of them are really striking me as anything actually worth posting, though …


A pleasant surprise June 18, 2008

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Last night was Hyjal night. The first four bosses went down in quick succession: this was to be expected. After Ass-galore dropped, we had about an hour and a half left in the raid with which to work on Archie.

We had one or two failed attempts on Archie, and then the shit really hit the fan. A handful of us (including our MT) experienced a sudden jump in latency. I myself went up to about 1500 ms. The RL decided to take a five to ten minute break to see if latencies improved. If they didn’t, the raid would be called.

Fortunately, my latency crawled back down into the 300 to 400 ms range during our short break. The others experiencing latency problems also saw their latencies back in the green or yellow. So we continued our attempts on Archie.

I won’t lie to you–it wasn’t perfect by far. I believe we had one person die (a paladin) but we somehow managed to recover.

Eye of The Storm downed Archimonde for the first time on June 17, 2008 server time.

(Links to a full-sized shot)

I usually don’t talk about loot like this, but there is a point to all of it:

Helm of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Aage
Helm of the Forgotten Conquerer – Saun, Andredus
Mail of Fevered Pursuit – Shiba
Scepter of Purification – POOKIES!

YAY! This OH is hailed the best healing OH in the game (for priests and druids, anyway), and I managed to win it with an uncontested roll (I only rolled a 3) because our priests were rolling on the head token. This is the first piece of actual resto loot I’ve ever brought out of a 25-man raid with EoTS.

Lastly, our hunter Shiba has been FRAPSing our boss kills and hosting them on YouTube for the past month or so. Here’s a link to a video for our Archie kill, set to a song that I suggested and that I find hilariously fitting for the Archie fight. Make sure you click the link to watch the video in high quality (this link is found in the rating box). Decursers get raid icons, and I was the square–look for me!


Teron Gorefiend down! June 17, 2008

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This is just a short post to say that Teron Gorefiend is DED.

Without enough decursers to make a decent attempt on Archimonde last night, we headed for Black Temple. We finished up Supremus and Shade of Akama before starting to clear Gorefiend’s trash for the first time.

Our first attempt on Gorefiend saw him go down to less than 40%. Although technically raid time was over after the first attempt, we decided to give him a couple more tries. On the third (or possibly fourth …?) attempt, we got him down.

I don’t have my own screenie of this yet, so I had to glom this one from my guild’s website:

(Should link to a larger image)