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A Supremus PITA June 4, 2008

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We kicked off raiding this week by dragging mage and holy paladin applicants into Black Temple with us.

Vajentus was a jerk this week and did not drop this helm. This helm gives about 20 more bonus healing than my current helm while giving about the same amount of regeneration. And it looks hot (just like T6!).

Supremus really gave us some trouble yesterday. Specifically, tank healing and kiting were out main issues.

When a boss is as big as Supremus, healing targets being out of range becomes a big concern. Our tanks were getting killied within the first couple of seconds of tank ‘n’ spank phase when no healers were in range to heal a Hurtful Strike or crushing blow. I tried to remedy this by running next to my healing assignment (the OT) during kite phase, but the fact of the matter is that kiting rarely goes so smoothly that one is able to just stay beside someone for the entire phase. In the end, the MT and OT started standing closer together (which they were previously avoiding because of the possibility of parry-gibbing the MT), which simplified healing immensely.

This brings us to the kite phase discussion. Our original strategy (and what worked for us last week) was to kite Supremus up and down the entire length of the BT courtyard. This was not working for us last night. To be blunt, people were being complete idiots and everything that could go wrong was going wrong. At one point, Supremus was focusing on his last target before tank ‘n’ spank phase, and this target was near the very edge of the field, resulting in a one-shotted raid member and an incredihard pick up for the MT. It was frustrating.

The raid leader eventually decided to switch up the kiting strategy based on a suggestion from a raid member. This strategy involved kiting Supremus around in a circle around the top half of the courtyard, instead of using the entire length of the courtyard. I suppose this reduces the distance that Supremus will typically charge if he focuses on someone who isn’t running near the main pack. It worked. Supremus went down on our next attempt.

The next twenty minutes was spent discovering that, when skipping the two pulls after Supremus, you must still kill the Ashtongue trash pack because the Ashtongue Feral Spirit has an insane aggro radius. You probably never would have guessed it, but even ghost wolves have an acute sense of smell.

Shade was, once again, almost too easy. We did discover that, at least for our raid, a Heroism rotation in the melee group is paramount when trying to take down Shade’s channelers before getting overwhelmed by adds. Since we typically have up to four shamans in our raids (1 enhancement, 1 elemental, and 2 resto), there were more than enough to go around.

I am itching to go back to Hyjal for another chance at my healing leather from Rage and Anetheron, but I fear that our raid may be cancelled tonight with the signups we are seeing thus far …


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