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Not a fluke June 13, 2008

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One of my major concerns since my guild downed Kael in May was that it was all just a fluke. All signs did point to “no”. I mean, if you consider all of the bad luck we had on that fateful attempt where we finally killed him (random disconnects and dead main tanks) you’d have to assume there was some amount of skill involved. But the question lingered … “could we do it again?”

That was a question that took a while to answer, because we simply have not been doing T5 content lately. In fact, we really hadn’t done any in weeks, with our focus being on farming 4/5 and 3/9 and making many (unsuccessful) attempts on Archimonde. But when we didn’t have the raid composition to continue doing T6 on Wednesday (having already cleared to 4/5 on Tuesday), the powers that be said that we were headed for TK.

First off, we had a holy priest go AFK at the beginning of the instance who did not return in time for us to start Al’ar. So we engaged Al’ar without him. Let me tell you that this is not the best of ideas. Because, according to Murphy’s Law, Al’ar will select the AFK player as the target of Meteor in phase two. This will result in two things:

1) Al’ar will Flame Buffet the entire raid as he is flying back towards his main chamber, and

2) Al’ar will almost certainly reset, but not before casting enough Flame Buffets to kill or nearly kill the majority of the raid.

As frustrating as that was, we did get Al’ar down on the next attempt, and blew through Solarian. And then we made some attempts on Kael. But that’s all they were: attempts.

Phase four was just a clusterfuck. MCed targets were not being CCed, and they were not getting their MCs removed. On one attempt, the MT didn’t even have Mental Protection Field at the beginning of phase four, and he ate an Arcane Disruption right off the bat. Kael ran to the back of the room to attack (I believe) the lock tank healer (because Capernian was still alive at that point).

I grew worried, and I thought that my worst fears were being confirmed. I grew worried that we wouldn’t be able to down Kael a second time.

Fast forward almost 24 hours. We are, once again, standing in Kael’s chamber. We had come to finish what we had started. All I can say is that we turned up the pwn, because that mofo went down on the first attempt of the night.

Things I am learning about this fight:

1) as a healer, the Cosmic Infuser is nice, but the Staff of Disintegration is invaluable. As long as there is one MT healer and one OT healer using the Cosmic Infuser in phases four and five (obviously, the phase three lock tank healer also needs one), everyone else should use the Staff of Disintegration IMO. Because you can not trust that you will always be within range of someone who is both weilding the staff and using it regularly. You also can not trust that everyone within 30 yards of you is within range of someone who is weilding the staff and using it regularly,

2) the Staff of Disintegration won’t save you from getting feared into Thaladred in phase three if you are near Sanguinar. Position yourself accordingly when Thaladred starts to get a little too close for comfort, and

3) the MT has to remember not to stay close to Kael during Gravity Lapse because of the debuff that decreases your total health. Stacking this debuff causes tank death. Er … caused. (We managed to recover.) (I don’t know how, but we did.)

So overall, this raid week was quite successful. We still have one day left, which I assume will be spent on either Archimonde or finishing up BT farm bosses … or both. Until then, I’m trying to take care of some things around the apartment, which is still in dire need of furniture (even months after having moved in!).

Oh … in other news, I think I just heard my middle-aged boss say “for ze win”.


4 Responses to “Not a fluke”

  1. Tryyss Says:

    you just got book marked. I thoroughly enjoyed your recap of the last several weeks of raiding.

  2. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Tryyss. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jive Says:

    Grats on Kael round two! I find second kills are always the toughest, wondering if it was a fluke or not.

    Archie sucks, doesn’t he?

  4. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Jive … and yes, Archie does suck. Hopefully you guys get him down soon, with us right behind you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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