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Another week, another 16 hours of raiding June 16, 2008

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It’s actually 18 hours committed to raiding each week if you consider that our presence is requested at half an hour before official raid time so we can begin putting the raid together. Not daunting at all.

I have resolved to spend my evenings and weekends doing things that don’t involve spending extended periods of time in the World of Warcraft. I tried this out for a couple of days last week, and it was … difficult. It turns out that I really don’t have much else going for me besides WoW, and I actually struggled to think of things to do between getting off of work and logging on for raid invite time.

I talked to my parents and siblings on MSN. I looked at old vacation photos on Facebook. I did some dishes. I tried not to pour myself a drink, because, FFS, I should really cut back on that, too.

On Saturday I went on my “last” weekend raid (I had already signed up weeks before). One of my guildies organized a badge extravaganza: back-to-back Karazhan and ZA.

Karazhan was sloppy as all fuck, but we managed to finish in about 2.5 hours. I actually rolled on some off set gear, as I’ll be working a little more diligently on Pookies’ damage set for when WotLK comes out. (I picked up the trash damage mace out of MH last week!)

We ran into a couple of hiccups in ZA. We wiped on eagle trash but somehow still managed to get two chests. We actually made it to Jan’alai with enough time to get the third chest, but we wiped because no one was paying attention to Jan’alai’s health and he hit 35% early.

I got the quest item off of Zul’jin, at long last, so I came out of the raids with a total of 45 badges. This brings the badge count in my bank up to 95, meaning that I’ll be able to buy the SSO healing pants (the last piece of SSO loot I need) some time this week. It also means that I’m going to have to transmute and buy a total 10 Primal Lifes. Woot. Going broke and having to start doing dailies again soon FTL.

I will be completely done with SSO badge gear upon purchasing the pants, so what am I going to do with my badges after this? I suppose I should finally pick up the two badge offhand items, Tears of Heaven and Voodoo Shaker, which will require a total of 60 badges. Then I should probably start saving my badges up for if that gem vendor ever gets unlocked …


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