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Won’t you take me to Funkytown? June 30, 2008

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This past week was Pride week, which is a huge deal in Toronto. I did not manage to make up any sleep this past weekend, as, even if I had chosen to stay in, I wouldn’t have been able to turn in early because I live in the middle of Toronto’s gay village and am therefore subject to the music blaring from the various beer gardens and stages set up around the village. Also, I was supposed to work on my résumé this weekend, but every time I tried to sit down and do that it suddenly became much more apparent to me that my entire apartment was vibrating. So I just opted to party.

And that brings us to the WoW-related portion of this post.

Last night I came home completely shit-faced, somehow managed to prepare a package of instant noodles (but not without spilling soup all over the stovetop), and logged on to find that my friend was using my horde hunter to run his druid (and a couple of tag-alongers) through Mara. I volunteered to control my hunter. I don’t remember most of the instance, much like I don’t even really remember leaving my friend’s apartment and staggering across the courtyard between our buildings to get home, but I do remember apologizing profusely for being so drunk on multiple occasions in party chat (at least, that’s what I was trying to type) and blabbering to my friend on Vent, attempting to explain to him how drunk I was (because that clearly required explaining) every time he asked me what the fuck I was doing. Shortly after downing Razorlash, and about halfway through my bowl of instant noodles, I tumbled into bed and passed out … probably much to the relief to all other parties involved with the run.

There was another time I came home from the bar, and, for reasons unknown, logged on to Pookies. As soon as I logged on, I received an invite to run heroic Underbog. At this point I was ready to go along with pretty much anything, so I accepted the invite and a summon. I only remember bits and part of the instance, but I was later told that I did a fine healing job. In fact, I was the only person who died during the entire instance run. And, apparently, I died a lot. And I was completely incoherent on Vent throughout the run. And I forgot to pick up most of the badges.

The moral of today’s post? Booze and WoW may not be a match made in heaven, but at least you get some funny stories out of it.

Pride has wound down here in Toronto, and things are returning to normal just in time for the raid week to start. Now, if only I could get this God-damned Funkytown remix out of my head.


2 Responses to “Won’t you take me to Funkytown?”

  1. Tryyss Says:

    funny you should post this story, because last night i was -BLASTED- for the BT run. I mean…holy crap.

    The funny thing is, I had no idea how drunk I was till I laid down after the raid and closed my eyes. Then everything started spinning.

  2. Pookies Says:

    Hm … and yet you still managed to kill RoS without me. 😛

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