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We sure found out all about (all about) k-k-k-k-k-karma! July 9, 2008

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You know, like the song by Jessica Andrews. My ex had a fascination with it … which is ironic, because he was singing about how “what you do to others is gonna get done to you”, and then promptly cheated on me. But I digress.

I suppose it’s okay to talk about it now: last raid week was a disaster. We wiped about three times just doing the first four bosses of Hyjal. We couldn’t even down Gorefiend. We went back for Archie on Monday, but that didn’t happen (although we got him to 17 and 13% on two attempts).

Needless to say, morale was not at its highest after last week.

Last night, as the raid was forming, our raid leader issued the following raid warning: “We are going to clear Hyjal tonight, so please head there now.”

Well, we headed to Hyjal, and we did clear it. We one-shot everyone, including Archie. Then we headed to BT and took Naj’entus and Supremus down as well, ending just slightly after raid end time.

Last night was the most efficient raid we have had since I joined EoTS, and it really helps to put into perspective just what it is possible to accomplish in a raid week when you have the right raid composition and when people aren’t fucking up left and right. Granted, the raid wasn’t flawless. We did have a couple of people die on Archie, but we recovered. I believe that at one point a wipe was called, but we still recovered. And now we are in good shape to see Mother Shahraz this week (if we can down RoS again), which I am pretty pumped about.

Oh, BTW … Pookies finally got his hands on Thunderheart Gloves! This is Pookies’ first piece of (wearable) tier loot since he was rocking out in feral T4, so I’m pretty excited! Of course, I stuck a Teardrop Crimson Spinel into these (courtesy of the guild bank), and I’ll be enchanting these with the healing enchant this evening before my raid.


Wednesday saw Shade, Gorefiend, and RoS go down. That means we have two whole nights to work on Shahraz … assuming that we have enough people with SR present!


2 Responses to “We sure found out all about (all about) k-k-k-k-k-karma!”

  1. Jive Says:

    Grats on your gloves, Pookies!

  2. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Jive!

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