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Hiatus…es July 20, 2008

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I meant to post about this earlier, but I ran out of time at work on Wednesday as I was trying to tie up loose ends before being away from the office for a couple of days.

For months my sister, my brother, and I have been anticipating the visit of our parents, who live in Hong Kong. We haven’t seen them since Christmas.

That visit is finally happening. My parents arrived on Wednesday night, and I had booked time off of work and raiding to spend time with them.

At the end of the weekend (tonight), my parents will move from my sister’s apartment downtown (which is a block away from me) to my grandparents’ place in the suburbs for a couple of days. This will allow them to spend some time with my grandparents as well as let the kids’ lives get back to normal for the duration of the working (and raiding!) week.

Here are a couple of family pictures we took on the second night my parents were here. L-R: Kurt (my sister’s fiancé), Genny (my sister), dad, mom, myself, and Greg (my brother).

If you’re wondering about dad’s hair, he was diagnosed with cancer and has been going through treatment since. That has added more importance to this visit, IMO, and thankfully the people at work and in my WoW guild have been very supportive of my taking time off to spend with him.

Anyway, expect things to return (pretty much) to normal this week as I’ll be in the office, and, therefore, trolling everyone’s WoW blogs!


2 Responses to “Hiatus…es”

  1. Jive Says:

    So THAT’s where you were! You and your famiily are adorable, Pookies. 🙂

  2. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Jive. 🙂

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