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Expansionitis: I has it July 22, 2008

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So, as I’ve mentioned, I took a break from WoW for the latter part of last week. Well, that isn’t 100% accurate. I actually came home from visiting my parents on Thursday night as the 25-man raid was being called early due to poor performance, and, suffering from a little bit of raiding withdrawal, I asked to be allowed to go along for a Kara clear … as DPS! You’ll remember that my damage set consists of some T6 pieces, but mainly resto gear. So my crit was incredigimped, at around 16%. Not to mention that I didn’t have quite enough hit rating (or much at all, save for what talents gave me). Needless to say, I could not compete with my guild’s DPSers. But I had a lot of fun, and picked up 22 badges that I will probably never spend. Hell, maybe I should spend it on badge damage gear.

Last night, which is the last night of raiding before instance resets, we trekked into Black Temple and I saw people congregating in front of Gorefiend trash. I said, “Wow, Thursday really did go badly, didn’t it?” (or something to that effect). Over Wednesday and Thursday, two raid nights, we only managed to down Archimonde and the first three bosses of Black Temple!?

Needless to say, Illidan attempts were somewhat out of reach this week. But we did manage to make good time last night, starting with Gorefiend and getting Shahraz down with about twenty minutes left in the raid.

Anyway, I am realizing that I have to get over a bout of expansionitis. Not in-game of course—I’m still hell-bent on killing Illidan before the expansion (which is a reality, IMO), and hopefully venturing into Sunwell Plateau a bit. But on the whole blog post development front, I have been wondering what the point of thinking too long and hard about TBC game mechanics is when everything is going to change with WotLK hits.

Of course, the culprit here is just the same old bad attitude that causes people to shy away from raiding when a new expansion is announced. “It’s not worth the trouble.” But … blogging isn’t trouble, is it? No, it’s fun! I love looking back on raids gone by. I also enjoy those rare times when I have some insight into game mechanics that is actually worth sharing with the rest of the WoW community.

I just need to get over this blog schlump.


2 Responses to “Expansionitis: I has it”

  1. Phaelia Says:

    I too have been suffering from expansion-itis. I get questions from readers wanting me to analyze some core dynamic that I know is going to go right out the window come Wrath and I just can’t bring myself to think on it too much. LUCKILY, we’re finally starting to get enough semi-concrete information from the Beta that we can start thinking ahead. 🙂

  2. Jive Says:

    Raiding and blogging kind of go backwards, don’t they? Kill a lot of stuff and you’re fine with raiding but not much to say about blogging, start wiping everywhere and oh my god so much to examine!

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