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TIME FOR FUN! July 23, 2008

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When you spend 16 hours a week trudging through the same dungeons with the same people, things can sometimes get a little bit stale. A solution? Raiding games!

The Movie Name Game

We were clearing Hyjal trash in the Alliance Camp a couple of weeks ago when someone suggested we play a game. The point of the game was to take the name of a movie, and replace one of the words in it with the word “va**na”. A couple of minutes into the game, I was laughing so hard I was falling out of my chair. Some highlights:

Other people thought of …

  • “When Harry Met Va**na”,
  • “A Clockwork Va**na”, and
  • of course, someone inevitably came up with just “Va**na”.

I thought of …

  • “The Sound of Va**na”,
  • “Priscilla, Queen of the Va**na”, and
  • it was a toss up between “Brokeback Va**na” and “Va**na Mountain”.

The Linking Game

Apparently this idea was stolen from the horde side of my realm. Before that, it probably just originated from people messing around when skill and talent linking was first made possible. One of my guildies started it in alliance trade chat the other night, and apparently it went on for hours in trade chat long after we had left to go raid.

The name of this game is to take a word, and then link the name of a spell, skill, talent, or item after it. In our case, we were using the word “an*l”. Of course, you got some common ones popping up multiple times (An*l [Fishing], An*l [First Aid]). There were some really good ones across the classes (An*l [Impale], An*l [Deterrence]). There are also some pretty funny druid-specific ones:

  • An*l [Gift of the Wild]—you’ll want to regift this
  • An*l [Thorns]—get that shit checked out!
  • An*l + pretty much any attack-type skill from the feral tree

Alphabet Games

Remember that time you were going to go on a picnic? Or on vacation to the tropics? Or into outer space? Well, for these types of excursions, certain supplies are required. You could conceivably begin listing such supplies, starting with one beginning with the letter “A” and moving through the alphabet.

Well, yesterday as I was bored out of my freaking mind, I started a similar game, except this time we were going to sex camp. What exactly is sex camp? I have no idea. But it sounds fun, so, if you know of one, please sign me up.

An excerpt:

  • I went to sex camp, and I brought an*l beads.
  • I went to sex camp, and I brought bondage gear.
  • I went to sex camp, and I brought c*ck rings.
  • Etc.


Of course, all of these games could be played without the outrageous references to sex or things related to sex. I personally enjoy the pervy versions, because I’m twisted like that.

The bottom line is that you do what you have to in order to combat raid ennui. There are ways to keep things interesting while still getting the same old shit done each week!

And, on that note, could you please start dropping some Vanquisher tokens, Archie? You haven’t dropped any in the past two weeks, so I’d really appreciate it. After I grab mine, I’m done with all the loot I need from Hyjal.


3 Responses to “TIME FOR FUN!”

  1. Ubiquitin Says:

    I know know what ennui means, thanks pooks.

    Also, maybe we should create a ‘game’ channel so we don’t interrupt normal raid chat… not that it’s normal anyways.

    One game i’ve played (only verbally though) is have one person think of a word, and people have to start guessing real words and the thinker-of-the-word (totw) says is his/her word is before/after in the alphabet until you finally narrow it down.

    no innuendos (well…. that might be a twist to it), but still fun

  2. Ubiquitin Says:

    now know*

  3. Pookies Says:

    Ubi, if we played that game you KNOW it’d be sex-related. 😀

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