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Je suis très fatigue July 25, 2008

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There are a bunch of us east coasters who raid with EoTS. Raiding with EoTS means that, Mondays through Thursdays, we have to stay up until 01:00 local time and then make it to school or work (or some combination thereof) the next day. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

One of our rogues will take off at 00:30 to hit the sack, unless we are on the verge of a kill or some other important breakthrough with no one to take his place.

My solution? Well, I would say, “BRB!” in raid chat, flag myself as AFK, and then go lay down and close my eyes for a couple of minutes. My bed is right beside my computer desk (oh, the joys of living in a bachelor apartment), so I would listen to Vent while I was laying down and get up to rejoin the group one or two pulls later.

Well, I tried this at about 23:30 on Wednesday night. Except, this time, I lay down to close my eyes for a few minutes, and when I woke up it was 01:10 (or 10 minutes after raid end time). Needless to say, trash naps are now strictly a thing of the past, and my new strategy for battling exhaustion involves copious amounts of Red Bull.

Fortunately, my raid was able to continue clearing without me, and killed Supremus and Shade while I just stood idly at the bottom of Supremus’ courtyard. (The first part of the night’s raid was spent in SSC since we didn’t have the numbers to go into Black Temple.)

Last night we cleared from Gorefiend to Mother. Now, I was in a serious bidding bind.

We have two loot rolling phases, the first (and more important) being the epic roll phase. Each raid member is only allotted one epic loot roll win per instance per week, and this roll is based on your guild rank. Officers and vet members roll out of 100. Active members (such as myself) roll out of 85. Lesser ranks roll out of 50 (normal member) and 25 (new member/recruit).

If no one wins an item during epic roll phase, then rolling moves on to the upgrade roll phase, where anyone may roll out of 100 and the wins do not count towards any weekly limit.

Now, I really wanted my T6 shoulders. I mean, have you seen these things? They’re full of sexy win. I’m also still wearing the 2.3 badge shoulders, so these would be a nice upgrade for me.

I also really wanted Shroud of Forgiveness from Bloodboil, which, in somewhere between four and six kills, has only dropped one other time (and I lost the roll).

I also really wanted Staff of Immaculate Recovery from Bloodboil, because, although it isn’t an upgrade for me by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just so damn cute. I call it Kristos-on-a-stick, after Kristos, EoTS’ GM, who is currently wearing the T5 helm and shoulders.

I knew that T6 pants were a very low priority for upgrade for me, since the SSO badge pants are technically better from a bonus healing standpoint, so there was no need for me to save my roll for that.

With all of this in mind, you can understand that my brain was working in overdrive when Bloodboil dropped the cloak and the staff, and what Mother was going to drop was in the air.

I decided to roll epic on the cloak. It was a huge upgrade (I was previously using Bishop’s Cloak—yes, it has been that long since I’ve gotten even the chance at a cloak upgrade). I’m not sure I would ever roll epic on the staff. It just isn’t worth it for something that will only be my Spellsurge/regen weapon.

Of course, Mother dropped a Vanquisher token later in the night, and one of our druids won it with an uncontested epic roll of 5. But that’s OK. I know that more Vanquisher tokens will eventually drop. As for Shrouds of Forgiveness, who knows how many more of those we will ever see.


2 Responses to “Je suis très fatigue”

  1. Jive Says:

    Wow, falling asleep is something I haven’t done before. Come close a few times though. Still, that’s hilarious. 😛

    Mother refuses to drop Vanquisher for us! I’m getting kinda mad.

  2. Pookies Says:

    I don’t think that Mother has stiffed us yet with respect to Vanq tokens … I just don’t win them! 😦 Soon though … soon. 🙂

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