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B> Minorous Cards, Hydra Cards August 20, 2008

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So yesterday I finally managed to get the cards together to card my +10 Double Titan Double Bloody Composite Bow for Raydric and Abysmal Knight hunting in Glast Heim. Oh … wait … World of Warcraft? Raiding? Yes, these sound like things I used to know of, perhaps in a past life …

Seriously though, so far we’ve had two no-go nights this calendar week. It’s a blessing in disguise, I suppose. You see, I have an old friend coming to stay with me this weekend (with a friend of his, no less). That’s right: two guys, a girl, and a three hundred square foot bachelor apartment. Hilarity is certain to ensue. I have a lot of cleaning to do before my guests arrive, and very little time in which to do it. Last night I spent scrubbing the bathtub and cutting, washing, and installing plastic cupboard lining sheets that I bought at Ikea two months ago.

Also, I’ve had more time to play Ragnarok with my brother, which is, of course, what I was referencing in the first paragraph of this post. Ragnarok is probably the most poorly tuned MMO in the history of mankind. Not to mention that gameplay and the UI are nothing short of tragic when compared to such games as WoW. But in a country where the most-played computer game is still Starcraft, I suppose just about anything goes.

On the WoW front … absolutely nothing to report! We’re still struggling with attendance and in the process of trying to recruit more. The sad thing is that attendance has been so poor that we haven’t even been able to pull our prospective recruits in for trial runs because the raids keep getting cancelled! Anyway, one of our recent applicants is a Canadian … and, on that note, I will leave you with this little nugget of wisdom:


8 Responses to “B> Minorous Cards, Hydra Cards”

  1. Jive Says:

    I always hated Glast Heim. :/ Which ever mob it was that did that went ‘Eeyahahahaha!’ made my teeth grind. OH and the Clocktower in Al de Baran, I remember turning to a friend and being like ‘THERE ARE MOTHERFUCKING BOOKS WITH TEETH WTF’. The penguins from Comodo were my favourite. ❤

    I would say ‘hang in there!’ but it seems like you’re doing just fine, even without raiding. Sounds like a busy time in RL.. how are you going to divide up everyone’s 100 sqfeet?

  2. Pookies Says:

    I’m not sure about which mob that is Jive, I play with the sound down most of the time so I can listen to music. Ah, music–the only thing that makes the insane amount of grinding you have to do in Ragnarok bearable.

    Ridewords (the books) are horrible. They move very quickly making them impossible to outrun, and you need a shitload of flee to dodge 95% of the time. I. Hate. Them.

    I love the penguins. The seals and otters (also by Comodo) are also favourites. Gotta love that animation when you kill seals: their skins fall off (in one piece, no less!).

    I’m just trying to keep positive about guild matters, and, as I’ve probably said too much lately, I’m trying to be a part of the solution rather than the problem by staying dependable.

    As for how I’m even going to fit three people into my apartment … >.<

  3. Jive Says:

    I also have fond memories of the Toy Facotry in Lutie and the first time I got a dead branch out of a giftbox. “Oh what’s thi–”

    All of that was on a private server a long time ago, though. It’s funny how I used to not think much about RO private servers but I’m so offended over WoW ones.

    That’s probably the best attitude to take! I have my fingers crossed for you. Too bad you can’t do PvE -> PvP transfers. :/

    Just make sure you tell them to step off the TV when it’s PR time. >.>

  4. Pookies Says:

    Ah, I love Toy Factory! TF2 is the best easy peasy farming location ever!

    Luckily they won’t be here for PR time … that’s tonight! EXCITED! RIGHT HERE!!! EXCITED!

  5. Jive Says:

    So true. So calm and filled with bouncy, pink giftboxes with giant fists inside..

    If you’re not raiding tonight you should hop to my server and tell me what happens. Wednesday is our Day One so I ALWAYS! miss it no matter how much I try to feign DCs at 9:59.

  6. Pookies Says:

    Lawlz! We’ll see, Jive. 🙂

  7. Eglador Says:

    I think the laughing one monster was the Wraith, those ghost-like flying monsters that could curse you (good that priests can dispel that using Blessing) but I totally HATED those mimics and hunter flys in Glast Heim.

  8. Pookies Says:

    May have been Eglador … it completely eludes me at the moment! 😦

    I learned to laugh at Mimics during those late nights in Sphinx 4 farming Anubis! Every time I see a Hunter Fly I freak out though … no matter where I am, I think it’s Beezlebub coming to rape meh …!

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