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“Cheer … crisis!” September 5, 2008

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Major Pookies points if you recognize that quote from Bring It On. (Jesse Bradford: Please call me, I want to have your babies.)

So while we are actually not currently experiencing a cheer crisis, we certainly are experieincing a raiding crisis. We had zero successful raids this calendar week. Yes, you read that correctly: zero. Our MT is still at school without internet (always a great situation to be in), and our warlock officer is still on vacation. With only about fifteen to twenty online every night at around half an hour after raid start time (which is an hour after invites start, BTW), the raids have been getting called night after night this past week.

It’s discouraging, but what can ya do? I’m going to continue to show up until things get better.

And in the mean time, I have been questing on Fuhlamer like a mad man, trying to make that mount money back! As of last night I am a mere 200 gold shy of paying back the entire 3 000 gold loan. And Fuhlamer still has one quest node in Netherstorm and ALL of SMV to do, lulz. It looks like Pookies is actually going to have a bit of coin to show for himself at the end of all this!

Anyway, I hope your guilds are doing better than EoTS on the raiding front! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back with some boss downing news in a couple of weeks …


2 Responses to ““Cheer … crisis!””

  1. Ubiquitin Says:

    Ya… this is a rough time… and i know certain peoples’ raid dreams are not being quenched. Ever thought about what would we do if we combined with another guild? what would we name it!!?!?


    Vis Staeorm
    Eye of the Bi (works for 2 guilds, and especially germane i’d say)
    Threshtorm (said with a bit of a slur)
    Eye of the Stoic (not funny… just another idea)
    if all else fails:
    Why so serious!? is a good backup imo

  2. Pookies Says:

    LOL. LMAOd when I read this.

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