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Knock, knock! September 8, 2008

Filed under: Just For Fun — Pookies @ 20:05

So Jive from Bringing The Wood has been playing a shaman over on Bonechewer lately, and she finally got to “meet” Pookies over the weekend!

I was flagged for PVP even though I was in Westfall because this paladin kept trying to kill the NPCs around town so the lowbies wouldn’t be able to get their quests done! Well … I wasn’t having any of that. Yup … I helped take that bizzo out!!!

The picture of us that you can find at Jive’s blog here is far more flattering, in my opinion–I just suck at taking pictures.

Make sure that you say hi if you find yourself on Bonechewer!


10 Responses to “Knock, knock!”

  1. Jive Says:

    Aww, how cute are we. And you sure did send that ho packing. 🙂

  2. K Says:

    I think I have a draenei mage on bonechewer o.0

  3. K Says:

    Hrmph.. wordpress does not like me apparently.

    Like I was saying before WP deleted me.. I have a mage on bonechewer.. time to estalk you o.o

  4. Pookies Says:

    I love paladins. Stack ’em up with magic debuffs, root ’em, and blast away.

    You didn’t get deleted, K, I just have comment moderation on the first time you comment. Log on and say hi some time! 🙂

  5. K Says:

    Oh you sneaky druid, I should poke you with my branches.

  6. Jive Says:

    :O K! Come see us fail at melee sometime!

  7. K Says:

    I fail at everything but hot cycles…


    meleemage ftw

  8. Jive Says:

    Alt guild named ‘full of fail’ y/n/f?

  9. K Says:



    I mean.. wait..

  10. Pookies Says:

    Lulz … sounds like a plan to me!

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