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I can has The Summit of Storm Peaks November 27, 2008

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Okay, first things first. Apparently I fail at looking up breadcrumb quests, because there was one to be turned in at one of the dwarves in Frosthold and I didn’t see it.
Thanks to the Wowhead comments on the The Summit of Storm Peaks achievement, I was able to figure out which two quest chains I was missing in Storm Peaks.
The first quest chain I missed starts after you energize the transporter on Gram’s Rise (northeast of K3). I don’t remember anyone telling me to go back there and talk to anyone for a quest, but there is one there that asks you to go into Gram’s Hold (the cave) with a pack of bombs and kill the ringleader there. You then get sent back to K3 to pick up the Frosthold breadcrumb quest and ride a missile out to Frosthold.
The second quest chain that I missed starts from a drop from the war golems south of Bouldercrag’s Refuge (on and around the scaffolding surrounding the giant golem). This quest chain goes on for about ten quests.
So I was finally able to grab the zone quest achievement for Storm Peaks, although I still have a couple of quests to complete in the Stormforge dwarves quest chain.
Another thing I did yesterday was run heroic Halls of Stone with a couple of guildies and a PUG pally tank (*gasp*). It was his first time in Halls of Stone and he wasn’t very confident (and we moved a little bit slower), but he did his job just fine. Our group composition was prot pally, ret pally, resto shaman, elemental shaman, and balance druid. During fights my spell power was spiking up to 1950 with shaman totems. It was delicious.
I found the boss encounters in Halls of Stone to be particularly enjoyable, because they really get the entire party involved. The Shatter effect on the Gruul-like boss was a little insane (with respect to its range), but other than that, he was a pushover. It took my party two tries to get the Maiden of Grief mechanics down, but it really was a fun fight. I think the good people at Blizzard could work on coordinating the Storm of Sorrows a little more with the spawn and despawn of the Pillars of Woe, but that’s my only beef there. It took us about five tries to finish the Tribunal of Ages event, and even when we finally did our entire party finished wiping just as it was ending. Thanks to a well-timed rock man towards the end, Brann didn’t take a point of damage and we got the heroic achievement for the event. (Woot!) Finally, the last boss took us two or three tries, but overall he wasn’t much of a challenge, either.
Overall, Halls of Stone was a fun and relatively easy heroic.


Hansel and Gretel, I require your expertise November 26, 2008

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As mentioned, I finished all of the zones except for Storm Peaks and Icecrown in their entirety on my way up to 80.

Well, now I’m in Storm Peaks, and I am miffed.

Whether you know them by their name or not, “breadcrumb quests” are the quests that send you packing and towards a new quest node. Without breadcrumb quests, we’d have to go by word of mouth or wander around looking for little exclamation marks on our mini maps.

Blizzard blue posts have stated that breadcrumb quests are not counted towards zone quest totals for completing zone quest achievements. However, one thing you will notice is that, when you turn a breadcrumb quest in, it does count towards your zone quest achievement (giving you a leg up) and, more importantly, it also counts towards your total quests completed total (for those of us trying to hit that magic number: 3 000).

So. I’m kinda POed about Storm Peaks. This is the first zone where I’ve been left without bread crumb quests to lead me to the next quest node. Am I just missing something? Yeah, probably.

I started out in Storm Peaks by turning in the breadcrumb quest obtained in The Sewers. That quest sent me to K3. From K3, I was lead on to do the viking-ess chain, the titans (Thorim) chain, and the giants chain at Dunder Mifflin (Dun Niffelem). Upon completion of all of those chains, I suddenly found myself without a single Storm Peaks quest in my quest log (I do still have two Halls of Lightning quests in my quest log).

Someone told me that there was a quest that sent you from “the goblin area” (I assumed K3) to Frosthold on a missile. When I couldn’t find any quests available to me in K3, I ran around Frosthold and Wowheaded all of the NPCs to see if any of them ended a “travel to Frosthold and speak to so-and-so” a quest. No luck. So I just considered the breadcrumb quest gone and dove into the quests at Frosthold. Now that I’ve finished all of the quests at Frosthold, I am, once again, left without any zone quests in my quest log. And I’m at 94/100 quests, according to the Storm Peaks achievement tracker.

So … what gives? What am I missing? I suspect that I’m still missing an entire small quest node here …


Heroics are srs bsns November 25, 2008

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Lemme start off by saying that Wowhead is now blocked for me at work. I’m using my iPod and stolen WiFi to check the URLs for some of these links, but please bear with me if they don’t all work.

Last night I managed to convince some of my friends (in and out of guild) to run the daily heroic, which I thought was The Nexus. It turns out that I had misread the quest text, and the daily quest was actually for The Oculus (which also happened to be the daily dungeon). Well. Oh. Snap.

The problem is that I haven’t really replaced a lot of my gear since level 70. Either the gear has flat out sucked, or the upgrade was so small that I couldn’t be bothered to re-enchant and re-socket another piece of gear. I do have a new ring that finally replaced my Violet Eye ring. And I got a new trinket to replace Lower City Prayerbook (I have it macro’d to my Laughbloom now). Other than that, I am still wearing all level 70 gear … and most of it with level 70 enchants. So when I was specced resto (which I was yesterday), I was still only sitting at around 1350 spellpower unbuffed.

And our group comp was warrior, resto druid, blood DK, shadow priest, and lock. So we’re not talking about a shit ton of CC here.

But here’s the breakdown:

Dragonkin trash
By their powers combined (teehee), those non-elite whelplings and their frostbolts are a far bigger problem than the elites are. Watch your tank and watch yourself. The elites don’t hit very hard at all (you’ll be laughing your way all the way through the triple pack at the end of the first ring there).

Drakos the Interrogator
Pretty much the same as normal. He hits like a kitten and the bomb damage remains very manageable.

Construct trash
You’ve got two types of trash packs here. There are the triple construct/single summoner packs, which are fairly manageable without any CC as long as summoned Snowflakes are dealt with promptly. Then you’ve got the single construct/double summoner/double sorc packs, which are a royal bitch and a half. The Snowflake damage can quickly become unmanageable, and the sorcs chaincasting Blizzard doesn’t halp the situation in the least. I was not able to keep up with the healing on these pulls until our priest started MCing one of the summoners. At that point, the pulls became cake. (Make sure your tank is using LoS to pull the group to him, otherwise one or two of the elites will inevitably be on you right off the bat.)

Varos Cloudstrider
I had some trouble with this one because (nublet alert!) I’m still having a bit of trouble not getting zapped. But we did manage to get through him on the first try even though I died at around 40% (offhealers FTW). He doesn’t hit hard at all, and even the purple beam only hits for about 1 000 damage per tick in heroic mode IIRC. It’s the zap damage you have to look out for.

Mage-Lord Urom trash
Use whatever CC you have available during these pulls. Seriously. These are four or five mob pulls, and they are anything but a joke if you’re running with the shitty gear that I was running with. Be ready to contend beasts, humanoid mobs, and elementals. One Wowhead comment has tips for which mobs to take out first in each pack (serpent, ogre, and fire elemental, respectively). That air elemental is a bitch with its cyclone spell though, so make sure you watch out for that too.

Mage-Lord Urom
Like those before him, this boss hits for jack. He also doesn’t have any new abilities from normal (IIRC), except that his Frost Bomb debuff now stacks and does more damage the longer you stand in the affect area. His explosion is still a bit of a joke (I believe it hits for about 7-8k), not that anyone should be getting hit by it. But if anyone does, you have a lot of time to heal them back up to full health assuming that they are smart enough to stay out of the Frost Bomb.

Ley-Guardian Eregos
This was the first serious boss fight of the instance for my group, and it was completely gear independent. (Go figure.) My group tried all sorts of tactics. Seriously. I think we wiped about ten times on this guy. My gear was all red after about 6 attempts.

We started out with the one ruby (tank), one emerald (healer), and three bronze (DPS) strategy. According to Wowhead, some people have been able to finish heroic Oc this way. I can see it being possible with a shit ton of Time Stop coordination (like what you’d have to go through if you were trying to complete the achievement and do the fight with no emerald drakes at all), but we were not able to stick it. By the time I got to phase two, I was so behind in health points that I was in no shape to handle getting hit by a Phase Anomaly’s blast … which I did.

In the end we went with another comment on Wowhead which suggested that two ruby, two emerald, and one bronze was “200 times easier” than the first configuration (you’d have to consult the Leeroy Jenkins stat guy for confirmation on this one). I assigned the other emerald drake to healing the first ruby drake while I focused on healing our second ruby drake and keeping the emerald drake debuff up on the boss. The bronze drake’s job was to keep the channeled spell up on the boss the entire fight, while using Time Stop every time it was cooled down. This made phase one easily manageable, and then the focus shifted to phase two.

We probably shouldn’t have had as much trouble as we did with phase two. After all, all you have to do is kite the orbs, right? Right…

The first important thing about phase two is to start flying away from the boss the second that the phase starts, or your orb will most likely nip you. The second point is to spread out to avoid hitting other people with your Anomaly’s blast or getting hit with another Anomaly’s blast. Finally, it is important to maintain your ability to collapse immediately at the end of phase two so that 1) you can be affected by Martyr when the ruby drakes cast it at the beginning of phase one, and 2) you can be healed by an emerald drake at the beginning of phase one if you get hurt. Wowhead suggests flying at different altitudes, which works like a charm. On top of that, I’d suggest different radial positions. If you flew around the boss in a cross formation (positioned vertically, not horizontally), you’d be in excellent shape. (See what I did there?)

So, Ley-Guardian Eregos finally went down. And guess what? I got my first WotLK epic: Staff of Draconic Combat. I had to roll against the shadow priest for it, but I won. (To explain: The shadow priest’s main spec is holy. Additionally, he is an old friend of mine and he did ask if it was okay with me that he rolled before pressing the Need button.)

In the end, we did make money on the run after turning in the dailies (yes, even the plate wearers). And then I respecced and we grabbed a guild healer so we could run heroic Azjol Nerub. Since I didn’t really heal it I can’t give you the healer play-by-play, but I will say this: It’s all a piece of cake until Anub’arak’s Venomancers (and spikes and Pound) make you work work make you work. Five or six wipes. Damn. (Loot? Our shadow priest got the DPS cloth belt.)


We were prepared, but it didn’t matter November 24, 2008

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So … I should just come out and say that my dad died on November 8th, the weekend before the WotLK release. It sucked (it still sucks), but my family is dealing with it. I actually think we’re dealing with it pretty well.

I am back at work today, but not really working. I thought I’d update here, in case anyone’s still reading.

I did go out and buy WotLK and install it the day it came out. I had been making funeral arrangements and doing funeral prep for days, and I wanted to do something by myself. I didn’t have much time to play for the first three or four days. Then, last week, I took some more time off (at my boss’ suggestion) and finally ground out quests until I hit 80.

Along the way, I found out that there’s There’s Nothing Boring About Borean, I Toured the Fjord, and I was awed by the Might of the Dragonblight … I could go on, but you get the picture. I went from zone to zone, starting with both starting zones, and picked up all of the zone quest achievements. I’m still working on Storm Peaks and Icecrown for gold and enchanting mats. When I got really bored last night, I punched and bludgeoned mobs until I got to 400 unarmed skill and 400 1H mace skill. Don’t believe me? Check my Armory profile. Staves and daggers are next.

Thanks to the awesome bear pet and the Darkmoon Faire pets (Jubling finally hatched yesterday morning), I’m sitting at 49/50 companion pets right now. I am out of pets. I even bought the super expensive Nether Ray Fry, Mana Wyrm, and Skull. The only ones I can get now are drops (most of them extremely rare), world events, or WotLK rep. The only drops that aren’t super rare drops (but are still drops) are the Black Tabby (any horde on Bonechewer wanna throw a druid a bone here?) and the Green Macaw from Deadmines.

I drove myself to flat brokedom last night by finally buying the Cenarion Expedition hippogryph mount. I have wanted one for so long. Unfortunately, from a budget point of view, it was a dumb thing to do. But I was really out of Outland mounts to buy anyway, since I’m not exalted with Netherwing. I already had every talbuk, every gryphon, and every nether ray. I’m at 47/50 mounts now. I’ve read that AQ40 mounts now count towards this achievement (although they can still only be used within AQ40), so I may try to convince someone to come farm Sekram trash with me for those last few mounts.

Man, are my professions a mess. I haven’t had any motivation to level up Fuhlamer, my herb alt, so that I can get herbs for Pookies’ alchemy. Enchanting is at a pathetic 394 because I opted to sell my weapon rewards for gold instead of disenchanting them for the much-needed Cosmic Essence. Little did I know that 1 Greater Cosmic Essence is currently going for about 30 g on my realm.

The profession I’ve gotten the most enjoyment out of is definitely Cooking. A couple of days after release I finally got the fourth emotion food recipe to drop for me (stupid Haunted Herring), and got that achievement. I’ve been doing the daily in Dalaran since I was high enough level to do so (level 74). I’ve already purchased the Critter Bite recipe and done the critter achievement in Deeprun Tram. I also finally got into an EotS BG last night and finished the feast achievement. I’m slowly working my way through the Northrend Gourmet series of achievements. After a certain point you can only cook one additional type of food every three days, so it’s going to be a while to get to 45 types of food cooked.

Other than that, I’m waiting for my guild to ding 80 so we can start running some more content. I’ve pugged a couple of dungeons and heroics (even got that snake boss achievement in heroic Gundrak thanks to a bit of an exploit, *cough*), but it just isn’t the same as running with my friends.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all having fun with WotLK so far (I know that some of my old friends from other realms are already finishing up with all of the PVE content available in this patch)!