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We were prepared, but it didn’t matter November 24, 2008

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So … I should just come out and say that my dad died on November 8th, the weekend before the WotLK release. It sucked (it still sucks), but my family is dealing with it. I actually think we’re dealing with it pretty well.

I am back at work today, but not really working. I thought I’d update here, in case anyone’s still reading.

I did go out and buy WotLK and install it the day it came out. I had been making funeral arrangements and doing funeral prep for days, and I wanted to do something by myself. I didn’t have much time to play for the first three or four days. Then, last week, I took some more time off (at my boss’ suggestion) and finally ground out quests until I hit 80.

Along the way, I found out that there’s There’s Nothing Boring About Borean, I Toured the Fjord, and I was awed by the Might of the Dragonblight … I could go on, but you get the picture. I went from zone to zone, starting with both starting zones, and picked up all of the zone quest achievements. I’m still working on Storm Peaks and Icecrown for gold and enchanting mats. When I got really bored last night, I punched and bludgeoned mobs until I got to 400 unarmed skill and 400 1H mace skill. Don’t believe me? Check my Armory profile. Staves and daggers are next.

Thanks to the awesome bear pet and the Darkmoon Faire pets (Jubling finally hatched yesterday morning), I’m sitting at 49/50 companion pets right now. I am out of pets. I even bought the super expensive Nether Ray Fry, Mana Wyrm, and Skull. The only ones I can get now are drops (most of them extremely rare), world events, or WotLK rep. The only drops that aren’t super rare drops (but are still drops) are the Black Tabby (any horde on Bonechewer wanna throw a druid a bone here?) and the Green Macaw from Deadmines.

I drove myself to flat brokedom last night by finally buying the Cenarion Expedition hippogryph mount. I have wanted one for so long. Unfortunately, from a budget point of view, it was a dumb thing to do. But I was really out of Outland mounts to buy anyway, since I’m not exalted with Netherwing. I already had every talbuk, every gryphon, and every nether ray. I’m at 47/50 mounts now. I’ve read that AQ40 mounts now count towards this achievement (although they can still only be used within AQ40), so I may try to convince someone to come farm Sekram trash with me for those last few mounts.

Man, are my professions a mess. I haven’t had any motivation to level up Fuhlamer, my herb alt, so that I can get herbs for Pookies’ alchemy. Enchanting is at a pathetic 394 because I opted to sell my weapon rewards for gold instead of disenchanting them for the much-needed Cosmic Essence. Little did I know that 1 Greater Cosmic Essence is currently going for about 30 g on my realm.

The profession I’ve gotten the most enjoyment out of is definitely Cooking. A couple of days after release I finally got the fourth emotion food recipe to drop for me (stupid Haunted Herring), and got that achievement. I’ve been doing the daily in Dalaran since I was high enough level to do so (level 74). I’ve already purchased the Critter Bite recipe and done the critter achievement in Deeprun Tram. I also finally got into an EotS BG last night and finished the feast achievement. I’m slowly working my way through the Northrend Gourmet series of achievements. After a certain point you can only cook one additional type of food every three days, so it’s going to be a while to get to 45 types of food cooked.

Other than that, I’m waiting for my guild to ding 80 so we can start running some more content. I’ve pugged a couple of dungeons and heroics (even got that snake boss achievement in heroic Gundrak thanks to a bit of an exploit, *cough*), but it just isn’t the same as running with my friends.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all having fun with WotLK so far (I know that some of my old friends from other realms are already finishing up with all of the PVE content available in this patch)!


6 Responses to “We were prepared, but it didn’t matter”

  1. Aurik Says:

    Sad to hear your dad passed away – I know it can be hard to deal with even when you know it’s coming. Big hugs from over here.

    Seems like you’re enjoying Wrath – my professions are in a similarly terrible state (alchemy just seems such a bother when the herbs cost as much as they do at the moment) and I’m trying desperately to hold off the urge to go and buy all of those mounts for the achievements!


  2. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Aurik. 🙂

    And you should totally buy the mounts. Just think: Albino Netherdrake. DO EET.

  3. Leafy Says:

    Sorry to hear about your Dad – I’ve lost both my parents to cancer in the last few years, and I know how hard it can be.

    Hope you find some fun and distraction in Wrath as a tiny bit of counter-balance to the grief.

  4. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Leafy. I’m sorry for your losses as well.

    Having the game and my friends in it has definitely helped me a lot.

  5. Sojourner Says:

    Sorry to hear abut your dad, but I’m glad that you seem to be taking it well. You’ll get through it just fine. On the bright side, happy to see you’re back! Keep the updates coming! 🙂

  6. Pookies Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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