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Hansel and Gretel, I require your expertise November 26, 2008

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As mentioned, I finished all of the zones except for Storm Peaks and Icecrown in their entirety on my way up to 80.

Well, now I’m in Storm Peaks, and I am miffed.

Whether you know them by their name or not, “breadcrumb quests” are the quests that send you packing and towards a new quest node. Without breadcrumb quests, we’d have to go by word of mouth or wander around looking for little exclamation marks on our mini maps.

Blizzard blue posts have stated that breadcrumb quests are not counted towards zone quest totals for completing zone quest achievements. However, one thing you will notice is that, when you turn a breadcrumb quest in, it does count towards your zone quest achievement (giving you a leg up) and, more importantly, it also counts towards your total quests completed total (for those of us trying to hit that magic number: 3 000).

So. I’m kinda POed about Storm Peaks. This is the first zone where I’ve been left without bread crumb quests to lead me to the next quest node. Am I just missing something? Yeah, probably.

I started out in Storm Peaks by turning in the breadcrumb quest obtained in The Sewers. That quest sent me to K3. From K3, I was lead on to do the viking-ess chain, the titans (Thorim) chain, and the giants chain at Dunder Mifflin (Dun Niffelem). Upon completion of all of those chains, I suddenly found myself without a single Storm Peaks quest in my quest log (I do still have two Halls of Lightning quests in my quest log).

Someone told me that there was a quest that sent you from “the goblin area” (I assumed K3) to Frosthold on a missile. When I couldn’t find any quests available to me in K3, I ran around Frosthold and Wowheaded all of the NPCs to see if any of them ended a “travel to Frosthold and speak to so-and-so” a quest. No luck. So I just considered the breadcrumb quest gone and dove into the quests at Frosthold. Now that I’ve finished all of the quests at Frosthold, I am, once again, left without any zone quests in my quest log. And I’m at 94/100 quests, according to the Storm Peaks achievement tracker.

So … what gives? What am I missing? I suspect that I’m still missing an entire small quest node here …


4 Responses to “Hansel and Gretel, I require your expertise”

  1. Flynx @ Bronzebeard Says:


    Take a look at the leveling guide at http://www.wtbblue.com. IMO, the layout of Jame’s guides at http://www.wow-pro.com have a more finished feel, but are only completed up to Dragonblight. Both are equally good. The wtbblue guides may help you fill-in those holes in your quest search.

    Good Hunting!

    – Flynx –

  2. Pookies Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Flynx!

  3. Aaeros Says:

    I’ve completed 95 quests. Two that I have left are for the dungeon.

    I’m lost for the other 3, unless they are quests that start in another zone bringing you to Storm Peaks.

  4. Pookies Says:

    Hi Aaeros,

    Unfortunately, your dungeon quests don’t count towards the zone quest achievement!

    Check out my post here to read about the quests that I missed. Hopefully you’re missing some of the same ones and are able to wrap up your achievement!

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