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I can has The Summit of Storm Peaks November 27, 2008

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Okay, first things first. Apparently I fail at looking up breadcrumb quests, because there was one to be turned in at one of the dwarves in Frosthold and I didn’t see it.
Thanks to the Wowhead comments on the The Summit of Storm Peaks achievement, I was able to figure out which two quest chains I was missing in Storm Peaks.
The first quest chain I missed starts after you energize the transporter on Gram’s Rise (northeast of K3). I don’t remember anyone telling me to go back there and talk to anyone for a quest, but there is one there that asks you to go into Gram’s Hold (the cave) with a pack of bombs and kill the ringleader there. You then get sent back to K3 to pick up the Frosthold breadcrumb quest and ride a missile out to Frosthold.
The second quest chain that I missed starts from a drop from the war golems south of Bouldercrag’s Refuge (on and around the scaffolding surrounding the giant golem). This quest chain goes on for about ten quests.
So I was finally able to grab the zone quest achievement for Storm Peaks, although I still have a couple of quests to complete in the Stormforge dwarves quest chain.
Another thing I did yesterday was run heroic Halls of Stone with a couple of guildies and a PUG pally tank (*gasp*). It was his first time in Halls of Stone and he wasn’t very confident (and we moved a little bit slower), but he did his job just fine. Our group composition was prot pally, ret pally, resto shaman, elemental shaman, and balance druid. During fights my spell power was spiking up to 1950 with shaman totems. It was delicious.
I found the boss encounters in Halls of Stone to be particularly enjoyable, because they really get the entire party involved. The Shatter effect on the Gruul-like boss was a little insane (with respect to its range), but other than that, he was a pushover. It took my party two tries to get the Maiden of Grief mechanics down, but it really was a fun fight. I think the good people at Blizzard could work on coordinating the Storm of Sorrows a little more with the spawn and despawn of the Pillars of Woe, but that’s my only beef there. It took us about five tries to finish the Tribunal of Ages event, and even when we finally did our entire party finished wiping just as it was ending. Thanks to a well-timed rock man towards the end, Brann didn’t take a point of damage and we got the heroic achievement for the event. (Woot!) Finally, the last boss took us two or three tries, but overall he wasn’t much of a challenge, either.
Overall, Halls of Stone was a fun and relatively easy heroic.


3 Responses to “I can has The Summit of Storm Peaks”

  1. Jive Says:

    You know who I hate, though? The last boss in Halls of Lightning. I swear he doesn’t change a bit from reg to heroic but I hate him more all the same!

    Grats on your achievement, Pookies! My questing dropped off drastically when I hit 79, since I’ve been healing specced.

  2. James Says:

    I’d just like to say, I’m exactly the same as you, I really wanted to know where the hell this (as you aptly name it) breadcrumb quest was that linked K3 with Frosthold as I obsessively grind through the remaining quests in Northrend.
    Just to back you up, no one tells you to go back to the other teleporter which is obviously in need of a fix.
    And finally, to thank you for noting this link down which I was able to find via Google and probably avoid a lot of irritation over.

  3. Pookies Says:

    Glad you found this helpfu, James! 🙂

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