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On the Raid Again December 17, 2008

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I have been trying to write this post for a week. Yes, a week.

The situation is that EoTS has started raiding again, four nights a week. The situation is that we lost so many players in the last months of TBC that we are currently only running one 10-man group.

Naxx is down to a one-and-a-bit night clear. Last night we managed to clear all four wings in four hours. Tonight would be Saph and KT (I’m assuming). Hopefully soon we’ll be down to a full clear of Naxx in one night.

Malygos has proven to be our only challenge. We have spent nights getting phases one and two down, and now we are working on phase three. We typically have about three minutes left on the enrage timer, which I’m told is more than enough to actually down Maly. But we seem to have a lot of suck in the raid when it comes to DoT stacking, which can only be rectified with more practice. I hope that mofo goes down soon. 😦

Last night every token that dropped was a Vanq token. The only Vanq users we had in the raid were a DK and myself. By the end of the raid we were greed rolling tokens for off-spec sets. So Pookies is now 4/5 T7. But he’s still wearing crappy rare leveling rings and Boots of Divine Light (from Hyjal), so it kind of cancels out. /shrug

It also makes me sad that even with the 4-set bonus, Nourish probably pales in comparison to a Regrowth. I like Nourish.

WTB mace with spirit on it so I can replace my staff from h-Oc.


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