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Great success! January 26, 2009

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I meant to post about this last week, but I couldn’t find the time!

We finished up Naxx on our second night in there. There were a couple of hiccups and one horrible priest PUG who managed to make off with two pieces of loot, but we managed to clear Naxx on Wednesday.

On Thursday we headed to OS to clear that out (not ballsy enough to try anything with the drakes yet; maybe this week?). And then we headed to EoE to find out that Malygos is bugged to hell. TO HELL. I’m not sure whether or not he has been fixed, but he was doing all kinds of wonky stuff (like Breathing the raid for no reason). Apparently there is a list of 3.0.8 Malygos bugs which includes Breaths coming out of Malygos in all directions. This is sometimes remedied by having hunters and warlocks dismiss their pets. This is sometimes not remedied by having hunters and warlocks dismiss their pets. We gave up after five wipes.

We went on to put a group together for normal OS. We thought we’d finally give a drake a try. We left Vesperon up (not the easiest drake to attempt for 1D, BTW), and got him and Sartharion down after about an hour.

And since then it’s just been boring, boring, boring. Our resto shaman and I are farming rep with Hydraxian Waterlords (yes, you read that correctly), so we cleared MC last night with a fire mage and an elemental shaman. Moonkin tank FTW.

In other news, it’s Lunar Festival! The festivities began in-game on Saturday, at which point I got everything done except for the WotLK dungeon coins. I’ll (hopefully) be finishing that up this week.

One of my guildmates was surprised to learn that the little red envelopes you get in the mail from the Elders after visiting them find their roots in actual tradition. Today is the first day of the lunar new year and, according to tradition, when you visit your elders (“elder” is typically defined as “married person” for these purposes) around this time and honour them with the appropriate Chinese greetings, they are supposed to reciprocate by giving you red envelopes with money inside. I got mine from mom last night. 😀

One last thing: don’t freak out (like I did) when you open your mailbox the day after visiting elders and have your entire mailbox completely wiped out by a sea of red envelope mail. I thought I had lost all of the mail I had in my mailbox, which included hundreds of gold worth of herbs. Start clearing the mail (you’ll have to manually delete each letter after taking the red envelope out), and your older mail will eventually show up.

Happy new year!


Back in 25 January 21, 2009

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EoTS made its first foray into 25-man WotLK content as a guild last night. Since release there are a few of us that have been running as PUGs with other guilds, but during the past week the officers convened and decided that we should start running our own 25-man PUGs.


First of all, we started adding more active raiding members into the mix until we outgrew a comfortable number for 10s (especially on the tank front) while not having nearly enough for 25s. Asking people to sit out each week for certain wings/instances was not only boring for those who volunteered to sit out, but it also slowed us down to have to break for portals/hearths/summons.

Secondly, running with other guilds and being governed by their often unfavourable loot rules is simply the suck. The worst is guilds that flake from one system to another without notifying the raid (free rolls on everything one night, officer loot for tier pieces and free rolls on everything else the next). There is something to be said for the awesomeness of implementing your own guild’s loot system (especially since I happen to think that ours is pretty fair).

Last night our realm was going absolutely apeshit after the patch, with the Northrend world server crashing every five minutes or so. In spite of being at odds against the server, we were able to (nearly) fill a raid group bound for Naxx consisting of 4 tanks, 5 healers, and the balance DPS. We ran short the entire night (23-24 raiders). We had about 15 from EoTS and the rest were PUGs that we found through trade chat and friend lists. The officers inspected each and every PUG on Armory before invite. We did end up turning some people away for having less than satisfactory gear.

At the beginning of the instance, we explained our loot system, which gives PUGs the chance to receive gear just the same as anyone else in the raid (I may explain our loot system in more detail at a later date).

And then off we went.

We cleared spider and plague in less than two hours with zero wipes.

And then we ran into some major server lag right before Patchwerk. Throughout the entire Patchwerk fight, it took me 1 to 1.5 seconds to see my HoTs showing up on my targets. I’m not sure as to how our tanks even stayed alive, really.

The same went for Grobb and Gluth. Horrible lag hindered our progress, and we wiped unnecessarily because of circumstances beyond our control (lag right at Decimate = dead tanks and consumed Chow).

With fifteen minutes left in the raid after Gluth went down, we did go on to give Thaddius two tries, however, the lag (and possibly some unwary PUGs) owned us hard and we did not make any significant progress on him at all. It also didn’t help that we were running with 24 at this point. From my experience running h-Thaddius, he is certainly not to be taken for granted as not making the enrage timer is easily possible if too much DPS is lost.

We weren’t shy about mentioning that our h-Naxx PUGs were a recruitment exercise, and linked our website for all interested parties. We also mentioned that we would be going back into the instance the next day (tonight) at the same time, and that the previous day’s attendees had priority to rejoin the raid if they were online on time.

Overall, the raid was a very positive experience. It felt good to be running 25-man content as a guild, something that I have missed sorely since the tail end of TBC. Also, for the most part, we had a very positive experience with our PUGs. Maybe thanks in part to the fact that we had the mind to check them our on Armory before inviting them to the raid, we saw very little sub-par performance.

Let’s hope Bonechewer has settled down so that we can actually finish up tonight.


It isn’t standard to start Naxx with 5 healers, but we had a very hard time finding PUG healers. We were shooting for 6, but in the end we only had five. Our composition was two druids, one priest, and two shamans.


Double your fun with 2/3 the healers January 14, 2009

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For the past two weeks we have been trying a two-healer configuration for normal Naxx.

Last week, we ran a holy priest/resto druid combo for the first ten bosses, which we found to work well. By the time we got to Saph we had subbed in a resto shaman for the holy priest. We went in and wiped a couple of times before calling it for the night and coming back the next day with three healers to take down Saph and KT.

Last night, our holy priest was sick, so it was up to our uber resto druid/resto shaman combo to take it as far as we could. The first ten bosses went down without any difficulty, as expected. By the time we finished our fourth wing, we were about 15 minutes away from raid end time. I was all for calling it and coming back with three healers, but our resto shaman said that he wanted to give Saph another go with two healers, so we did.

It was balls-to-the-wall healing for the entire duration of the fight. And it was so far from perfect—we lost two DPS before the first air phase had ended. But we got him down on our first try. A pat on the back to our shadow priest, who helped heal when we were in a pinch.

To execute this fight with two healers, our main focus as ranged DPS and healers was to stay stacked up while Saph was on the ground to simplify raid healing and eliminate OOR issues between healers and ranged DPS. However, what I found last night is that most of the time when we moved out of Blizzard (we have a tendency to move to the left—I blame our Malygos strategy…and that Beyonce song), I was OOR of the melee DPS, which made for some interesting situations. Next week we’ll have to factor that into our positioning strategy and move out of Blizzard appropriately so that melee is always in healing range.

Once Saph was dead, the raid was supposed to be over. It was supposed to be. But we put it up to a vote, and everyone wanted to try KT, too. I exclaimed, “That’s because you guys don’t have to heal it!” But we did go on to kill KT in one shot as well.

What can I say about this fight with two healers?

Positioning is paramount. We did not get this right off the bat (which could have been deadly). I had to play a bit of leap frog for the first part of the fight until I could reach our resto shaman. It’s a good thing that I did—we both got Frost Blasted before the fight was over.

Even if you have good positioning, if your healer reaction time is slow…then forget about it! When you are running with two healers and the other healer gets Frost Blasted, it is all you. Leave Sluggy McSluggyton on the bench for this one, because the ability of a healer to make decisions when the other healer gets Frost Blasted will dictate whether or not you succeed in this fight.

The fight got very frantic when the adds were released. As luck would have it, our add tank and one of our ranged DPS got Frost Blasted just after the adds were spawned. Everyone lived, but because of healing aggro there was an add on our resto shaman for a good five to ten seconds after the Frost Blast had fallen off of our add tank.

It was down the last 300k of KT’s health when I remember looking at my mana bar and thinking, “If we have another emergency, we are so fucked.” But we didn’t, and we weren’t.

And that was it. Saph and KT were a challenge. But both the resto shaman and myself did admit to having a lot of fun.

It took us just under four hours to clear the instance. It should have been faster, but we were gearing up a DPS or two. Our comp was:

Prot paladin (4 wings) -> DK (Saph, KT)
Prot warrior
Resto shaman
Resto druid
BM hunter
Some sort of mage
Ret paladin
Shadow priest
Elemental shaman (3 wings) -> aff lock (1 wing, Saph, KT)
Enhancement shaman


It’s been such a long time, I think I should be posting (yeah) January 12, 2009

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And raids don’t wait for me, they keep on rollin’.

So wow. How boring has this blog gotten? I have absolutely nothing for you.

Well, that’s not exactly true. Since my post on gemmin’ in WotLK, my guild JCer has enlightened me as to the existence of the Ember Skyflare Diamond, which has 25 spellpower and +2% intellect. I think we druids would find 2% intellect much more beneficial than 2% threat reduction or increased run speed (put it on your boots if you really want it…I’ve got an unholy DK in my raid).

Also, if you haven’t read this post over at Resto4Life concerning the changes to Nourish in the new patch, you should 1) update your blogroll, and 2) read the post. How useful will this change be? Well, I can already think of one scenario where I’ll be using WG -> Nourish: melee Frost Blast on KT. I can see the 0.5s difference in cast time between Regrowth and Nourish to have some weight here.

In loot news, this past week Pookies got his Ice Spire Scepter from Malygos. I mean, that’s pretty awesome. I believe it’s currently best-in-slot.

So what else is new? Well, since we’ve been finishing our raids in less than two nights, I’ve been leveling up a blood elf priest on Staghelm, my old realm. The first fifteen levels were painfully, painfully slow. My spells (LOLsmite) were doing SFA in terms of damage, and I had to drink every two pulls (even with Spirit Tap). Then I remembered something I read in a priest leveling guide more than two years ago: use a fucking wand. Oh. Yeah. I picked up the highest level of enchanting wand I could equip, and found out that it did better DPS than any spell that I had in my spellbook. Plus, I just got a new rank of Mind Blast (level 16, woot). I’m expecting things to go a little bit faster from here on out.