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Naxxra-ha-ha-mas February 11, 2009

Filed under: Raiding — Pookies @ 11:06

EoTS is still picking up a couple of DPS PUGs for heroic raiding each week. But our numbers are rounding out nicely. By running heroic PUGs, we’ve managed to convince some decent DPS to join our ranks.

Last night was also our first one-night heroic Naxx clear. It took us just under four hours. I thank the extra DPS slots we had from bringing less healers and a high level of organization (both leadership and response).

We started out by shooting for six healers for heroic raids. We’ve been scaling back since grabbing PUG healers is so difficult (especially grabbing skilled PUG healers) and we’ve been finding that the healing load was too easily managed with so many healers. Last night we did most of the instance with four. Four! We had a second resto druid for Military and Plague, but then lost him from Construct onwards.

For a healer, there is nothing like the thrill of pushing yourself to an output level you didn’t think was possible. On Saph I managed to hit 5k HPS, which was nice to see.

I also got my T7.5 helm which, while not BiS, was a nice upgrade over my T7 helm.

As the weeks go on, I am constantly impressed by EoTS’ strong raiding core and strong leadership. I’m vey happy that, through our heroic PUGs, outsiders are catching a glimpse of this as well. Tell your friends.


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